Monday, February 11, 2008

From the mouths of babes

I picked up the boys from school the other day to a chorus of "I'm hungry".  Being the kind and good father that I am, I told them to sit down and be quiet.

At home, they started on homework at the kitchen table.  Yes, I like to watch them and make sure they're doing it.  They started again with the complaints of starving.  "How 'bout popcorn?" the older asks.  OK, I tell them.  Make a bag and share with your brother.

So picture this;  The 12 year old is making microwave popcorn for himself and the 8 year old, the 8 year old is sitting at the table doing math, while Dad is sitting staring at the floor trying to think of something to blog about.  The youngest yells at the oldest "Your burning the popcorn!"  Of course the older answers in his kindest, lovingest brother voice "Shut up!"

The popcorn is split into bowls and they begin to eat.  The youngest, remember at only 8 years old, yells at me "Dad, this tastes like ass!"

"What?" I yell back.

"This popcorn tastes like ass." he replies again.

"Where did you learn to talk like that?  Who said that to you?..."

The older boy interrupts my tirade just as I get going good and says "Dad, he's saying ash, the popcorn's burnt."

"Oh,"  and I mumble under my breath "blog fodder".

Yes, I have shot too many times without earplugs when younger.

Mr Fixit


Ralphd00d said...

Now that was funny!! I do understand the situation though, seeing how I am hard of hearing as well....

BobG said...

The youngest one must have been listening to Sean Connery talking in a movie.

Mr. Fixit said...

The youngest one has one of the worst Texas/Southern accents I have ever heard in a child. It's actually kinda cute.