Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple comments, and a bleg

First, I need some help. It would seem that your ordinary (read free with contract) cell phones do not handle extreme temperatures, dirt, shock or excess water very well. As a coincidence, I find myself in extreme temperatures (more often cold than warm), wet and dirty, as well as dropping things a lot.

And then I go to work and it's not so bad.

What I need help with is finding a good phone. And by good I mean a phone that, when I slip on the ice, can be dropped on concrete, land in a mud puddle, and then be washed off in the sink. After all that, I want it to work just like new. I do not need a camera, nor do I need access to the interwebz. I detest text messaging on general principal. Incoming and outgoing calls. Caller ID would be nice.

Where is that phone? Anybody? Anybody?

By the way I am on Sprint now, but in a few months I won't be married to them anymore.

I sat down to polish up an publish more on the Sistema Saga, and will today. However, I checked my blog roll, and just had to comment on this: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
Matt G has a plan, and I like it!

I also went on a Wiki safari after reading Tam's blog. From Xenu to Southpark, I lost an hour of my life I'll never get back.

So, now I'm off to do some Valentine duties, because I don't have time now to polish the Sistema post.

Back this afternoon.

Mr Fixit


Gay_Cynic said...

Try the (formerly Nextel) Sprint i530, or searching google on "ruggedized cell phone"

Beaker said...

I'm on my 3rd "ruggedized" cell phone. (They meet Military Standard 810F.)

The battery died on the first one but it survived everything I did to it.

The second one didn't last very long. Dropping it into the toliet killed it. However, one of the guys in my department had his phone (same model) run over by one of our trucks. It cracked the case, but still kept working. So it seems that liquids are it's only downfall.

My third phone is still working, but I would replace it if I could find one that would survive being dropped in the toliet.

Matt G said...

Yeah, we've got the Motorola milspec phones at our department (ours happen to be NexTels), and they're excellent. I'm extremely hard on my equipment, and this phone just bounces off of pavement, while keeping its call. One of our guys ran over his with his cruiser. I did that once with a lesser phone, and had to buy the PD a phone. (little tiny bits on the parking lot for weeks)

Our milspec phones are supposedly good down to 2m of water. Battery life is superb.