Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Brown Truck-O-Happiness

Like a kid waiting on present from Aunt Molly and Uncle Bart at Christmas time, I have been (im)patiently waiting for a very few remaining parts for the Sistema. Today the Brown Truck-O-Happiness brought me two of them. I got the Lowrider rear sight from Nowlin Custom, and the Moly Resin finish from Norrells.

Now, if I could just have a decent day that I'm not on duty to go shoot the thing.....

After I make sure that it all works, and I don't need to do any more metal work, I will refinish.

Of course I'm still waiting on the front sight, Parkerizing chemicals, and I guess I have to make a parkerizing tank.

See, one thing leads to another. I'm happy to be getting to this point with the Sistema, cause it allows me to do some other projects at the same time.

I got an AR carbine a while back. I wanted to make it a kind of "retro" XM-177 kinda look. I did some horse trading and wound up with a Colt 604 "slick side" upper. Of course the upper and the lower didn't match colors too well. So, I thought I'd "paint" the weapon with the moly resin in the old flat grey, like the old Colts. Now, when I paint the Sistema, I can paint the carbine.

I plan on parking the Sistema so the finish adheres a bit better. Which leads to the other project. I have been wanting to park my old Remington 870. I got it years ago at a pawn shop with a police wood fore end, and a plain wood butt stock. The barrel had already been cut to 18.5". It is an older example, and has the normal wear and tear. I thought it would look good with a parked finish, maybe even a moly resin finish.

See how this all runs together? Since I'm doing all that, I might as well build an oversize baking oven to cure the finish in, right?

And I fully realize that if I go to the trouble of building a parking tank, burner, oven, hangers and such, I should try to amortize the cost buy building more guns.
And then I can invite you all over for a home gunsmithing party.

It just seems the right thing to do.

Mr Fixit


RevMedic said...

Code Brown! in my neck of the woods...

Matt G said...

Fixit-- Why din'cha just drive in to Lee's Gun Parts in Irving?

More fun there.