Friday, January 11, 2008


Just now, I'm off to the local Jr. College to pay for my sons semester. Would you believe he signed up for EMT school? Along with a couple of fire science classes.

EMT. My son will be an EMT. Still sounds funny, in an odd sort of way. This is the kid that I played power ranger with. The kid when he said "I think I'm sick" the next thing out of his mouth was vomit. This is the kid who almost passed out when he got his 12 year old shots. The kid who wouldn't go into the procedure room with me when I had to get stitches. This kid is going to be an EMT.

Actually, I think he'll do fine.

And then there's me. I have been assigned to go over to Fort Worth for Officer 1 training, along with several other officers. Oh what a week and a half that will be. I've heard it is a whipping. One of my friends who went last year to the same class said it is about 20% good information, and 80% management gobbledygook, with some time wasting thrown in. We'll see.

And, I'm waiting on the Big Brown Truck o-Happiness to bring me the balance of my "upgrade" parts for my Sistema project. You know, the one I was supposed to have started last summer.

So much to do.....

Mr Fixit

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