Monday, January 28, 2008

It wasn't the flu

I still feel like shit.

Lets see, as the Dr put it, "You weren't quite septic yet."
But I was close.

MRSA Staph. Nasty critter.

Doctors office, home to show the wife and her mother (a nursing instructor), Gasps of surprise and off the the ER. The ER staff politely invited me for a sleepover in the hospital.
Great folks.

I have had so many antibiotics, both IV and oral, that I can say in all honesty:
"My shit no longer stinks."

Maybe in a day or so I'll be better.

Mr Fixit


Bryan said...

Yikes..... hoping you are feelings better soon!

BCFD36 said...

You don't do thing half way, do you? However, you should somehow be able to make this work related. You don't pick this stuff up from a toilet seat.

Captain, Boulder Creek Fire

ArkieRN said...

Hope you're taking probiotics or eating yogurt or you'll be seeing lots of that non-stinking shit.

Get well soon!

Walrilla said...

Dang, man, I really feel for you! I was in the hospital last Thanksgiving for the same thing in my legs.