Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help, please

In case you haven't already found out via AD, Mel and Chris over at The AnarchAngel are in trouble. Go over and read Mel's post for the full version. The short version is they are in a custody fight with her Ex who is trying to win by out spending them on legal fees.

I've just come from there. You can look on the right sidebar and find the 'tip jar' to contribute via pay pal. That's what I did.

Let me tell you something about custody battles. They are not about kids. At least for one side, it is often about revenge. I know. I've been through one.

My first wife decided to leave me, and take my son with her. I was told that I had no hope of winning custody in the divorce.

Months later, I found that she was living on and of with several men; that she had let my son be taken to bars for "babysitting"; there were other things but what really made my mind was when her own mother came to me and told me she thought my son would be better off with me than her, and that she would both testify against her and help me with the costs of a custody suit.

I filed for custody, won temporary custody pending the hearing from an emergency order. These things I did because I loved my son, and I wanted the best for him.

She was mad at me. Mad may not be the right word, maybe insanely upset, or something is. She vowed to fight "..until you die" was the words I think she used. She talked to her mother who told her she agreed with me. She talked to her father who told her the same. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, all the same story.

But she tried to bleed me. Motions, questionnaires, requests, anything she could to make it hard for me. She had a friend of one of her live in's as an attorney. He was working for free, or I have heard not for money anyway. She didn't care how many motions or questionnaires he sent, she wasn't paying for it. I did care, and I did pay. Several thousands of dollars.

The thing was that she wasn't doing it for my son. She was doing it to get back at me.

And that's what I see happening here. That's why I want to help. That's why I gave what I could.

I hope that you will do what you can.

Mr Fixit

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