Friday, January 4, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Still here.

Sorry for the lack of activity here, but we've been busy around Casa de Fixit. Let me start with a couple of updates.

Mrs. Fixit is doing well. Her original mammogram showed two masses. Repeat tests with digital scanning cleared those as not an issue. However, the digital scan found a new "spot" that they want to further investigate. We waited to hear a bit more from the Dr., and what we heard was "I wouldn't worry too much." So, we are cautiously optimistic, but she will still have further tests to make sure.
Yes there have been lots of hugs. We have always been "huggy", but of late I have made it a point to hold her more often.

Christmas was good around our house. The kids were all smiles. The oldest got a new Ambassador rod and reel combo and was quite pleased. The younger two, in addition to several individual gifts, received a telescope.That my friends is a Meade 4.5" reflector with Auto Star. I love this thing, and so do the boys! The Auto Star feature will find a star, or planet or any of several thousand other objects in the night sky.
They also got Guitar Hero 3, and they rock!

Mrs. Fixit was pleased with her gifts, and I got gift cards. Everyone's happy.

New Years came, and I brought in the new year by fighting a grass fire with my Rookie.

Overall, life is good.

Mr Fixit


Rick O'Shea said...

Extremely glad to hear that Mrs. Fixit is doing well. Hugs and prayers are excellent medicine.

If you don't mind me asking, how much was the telescope (you can link to the site if you prefer). I ask because one of my dreams is a house in the deep, dark country with an "observation deck" on the roof (make a good sniper platform, too).
And is that a Bushnell Holosight on top of that thing?

Larry said...

That's great news, hope that it continues in that manner.

farmist said...

Great news! Thanks for the update.
Please relay our good wishes to the Mrs.

Mr. Fixit said...

Rick, the telescope was a Christmas sale. They said it was about 47% off. We paid $280 and some change. It is a 4.5", 1000mm focal length, with a F8 aperture. I think effective magnification is about 200X. What really sold us on this one was the Autostar feature. The photo on the blog shows a holosight. Ours came with a red dot.
So far we've been able to study the moon like you wouldn't believe! I'm still haveing a bit of trouble getting it aligned. Our house is just on the edge of "town" and there is a lot of light to our south.

The kids love it! Especially the 8 year old. I must say it is great to see the look of wonder and awe as he contemplates what he sees.

Thanks all for the kind wishes.

Mr. Fixit said...

Oh, and it came from Optics Planet on the web. Unfortunately, they don't show it on their sight now for some reason. However, they have many similar.

Rick O'Shea said...

Thanks for the info; that looks like a really nice setup, and I hope it gives you pleasure for years to come.

I taught science for a while. The sight of a child (or adult!) entralled with the magnificence of nature is a beautiful thing...

Continued good wishes to your wife.

OK Katrina said...

Great news! So glad that things are looking up(yes, that is a pun). I'm glad you all had a great Christmas and I pray that 2008 will be full of health and happiness.

BobG said...

Best wishes for your wife's continued good health.
Nice optics; could do some nice photography with that.