Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why do I have all this stuff?


Several days ago was my last shift at my old station as a driver. I used that day to empty my locker and pack all my stuff to go to my new station.

It's like moving your house, just on a smaller scale. I have stuff strung out all over the station. There's my locker full of uniforms, extra clothes, shoes, dress uniform, various tools and trinkets, and the accumulation of LOTS of paper. Paycheck stubs, old CE packets, memos, all in the locker.

Then I had to find all my various gear; bunkers, extra gloves and hoods, rope, rain gear, my "just in case" bag. And of course I had to put together my tools.

I spent half the day looking for all my stuff, and another few hours loading it all in my truck.

I am moving to the most northern station in the city, and am now on a shift that I have never worked on. I know most of the guys, that is to say that I can call most of them by name. But I don't really know the guys. Because of the location of the station, and the different shift, I have never worked with these guys.

And now I'm the Lieutenant.

No pressure though.

Mr Fixit

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