Thursday, December 20, 2007


She is in, having another mammogram and sonogram at the Komen Center.

I am waiting. For various reasons, she asked me to wait at home. She is there with her friend, the wife of my cousin who had a regular appointment there today. I am supposed to wait, and go to the school Christmas party today with my kids. She wanted someone to be there for it.

I think she also wants to shield me, as well as not really admit (yet) that this might be a big deal.

All I can do is sit here and think about her.


It was a set up. We were set up by a mutual friend.

I married, had a son and divorced by the time I was 20. I had been divorced for about a year and a half. I had been an EMT-Basic for 3 years, and had been working part time with the local ambulance service. Since it was about time to renew, and I wanted to be a fireman (which meant being a paramedic), I payed my way through paramedic school. Unfortunately, the school schedule was not very "work friendly" with my job at Texas Instruments. Not really having any other choice if I wanted to follow my dream, I quit TI, and went to work full time with the ambulance service. They worked with my schedule so I could go to paramedic school.

I was based out of the local hospital. Being a local boy, I knew many of the folks working there. The PBX Operator was a woman about my age, married though. We became friends, and would sit and talk. She was convinced that I should find a girlfriend, and she knew just the girl. I wasn't really looking for a relationship, and didn't fancy a blind date either. But she wouldn't let up, and finally told me that "someone special" would be working New Years Eve as a tech in the ER.

She told me all about her; nice, sweet, pretty, and going to nursing school. Cupid made her plans.

New Years Eve came. We were swamped. Hospital transfers to Dallas, Nursing home transfers to and fro. Car wrecks all over due to ice on the roads. It was late, almost 11pm when I finally made it into 'our' ER, and there she was. I'll never forget it, blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, blue scrub bottoms with a white long sleeve shirt with snowmen on it, and white tennis shoes. She was beautiful.

I struck up a conversation with her and thought that maybe cupid might have been right- she was sweet and nice, if just a little naive. She had graduated high school at 17, and was about to be 18. I was almost 21. Looking back....well it didn't seem a problem at the time. She was in her first year of nursing school to get her ADN. I remember talking for a long time. She got off at 2am for some odd reason. It just so happened that one of our ambulances was at the hospital and about to go to their station in the other end of the county, right past her house. I talked them into following her to make sure she made it home in the ice. They did, and she did.

Funny thing is, I remember all that, but she doesn't. It was her first time to work in the ER, and the excitement of that must have blocked out everything else. She doesn't remember seeing me, or talking to me. We laugh about it now, she laughs harder than I do though.

Cupid the operator worked hard to get us together. She set us up for a date, telling each of us how great the other was. Plans were made, and the "date" was set for the next weekend. She still didn't remember me though, it was a blind date for her. Since she was young, I had to agree to pick her up at her house and meet her parents before we could go out.

A few days later, we bring in a lady from home to the ER with dizziness. She had some type of inner ear problem. We made it all the way to the ER, and onto the ER bed when she looked at me a puked right on my shirt, mid-abdominal radiating to my chest and crotch. She was gong to go again too. I reached and got a basin from the cabinet and stood there next to her. She was on her side and I used my hand to deflect it into the basin.

She finished and apologized, what could I say, she couldn't help it. I left to room under the watch of the ER nurse. She came up to me and said that I handled that very well. I told her kind of nonchalantly that she couldn't help it, and went to clean up.

The weekend came, and with it the big night of the semi-blind date. I arrived at her house kinda nervous. It had been a while since I had to meet parents. Not only that, but I had had time to think about the age difference. I wasn't sure what they would say about me being older, not to mention divorced. I was ready for them to tell me to stay away from their daughter.

She met me at the door and "kinda remembered" seeing me around. She led me into the living room to meet her parents. I saw a big smile on her moms face as I came to realize that "mom" was the nurse that had watched me get puked on. She told me that her mom told her later that "He was one of the nicest young men I've ever seen."

The rest they say is history. From that night on neither of us has had a date with anyone else. We were married a year and a half later.

It's kinda funny when you think about it. Cupid had said before we ever met that if we ever went out we would get married. She was right.

I still remind her about that New Years Eve, and she still doesn't remember. Her mother says she will always remember the first time she saw me. I can't forget either one, and now I have a wonderful wife as well as what must be the best mother-in-law around.

Mr Fixit


Ralphd00d said...

Great memory! Thanks for sharing!

Detail Medic said...

You are so freakin' cute you make me want to cry! Every woman should have a love like that in her life. Makes me want to hope just a little longer.

Larry said...

It's funny, she and I tried to get rid of each other but neither of us took the hint. Now I don't want to find out what life would be like without her.
Steady as she goes Mr Fixit.

OK Katrina said...

Beautiful, sweet story. Thank you for sharing it with us.