Tuesday, December 11, 2007


for the lack of activity here. It seem like everyone has so much going on lately...

For just a moment can I talk to you folks about seasonings? You know, on food.

For some reason the guys at my new station seem to believe that salt and black pepper are the height of culinary variety.

I swear to allah they season Mexican food with salt and pepper-only. Do you realize how wrong that is?

It's like TV in black in white,
like a cowboy on a stick horse,
like AD being bashful.

I'll tell ya what it's like...

It's like telling part of a story about a pink gorilla suit, and then just leaving it all hanging.

There's more to it!

Last shift was my day to cook. I had plans, big plans. Gumbo.

Now, one thing about my cooking, it's never really exactly the same. See, I use recipes as a starting point, to take away from or add too as I see fit. I do keep it pretty close though, especially after I find what I like.

Now, last shift we go to the store on the engine. My 2 firemen and I go in. They scatter to get the breakfast stuff for next shift, and we meet back at the meat section. About that time, we are dispatched to a fire alarm, and dispatch tells us it is a false alarm. Unfortunately, we have to go on them even when we know it is a false alarm.

I told my junior fireman to finish shopping and we would be back. I told him I was making gumbo, and what to get. At no point did I mention for him to get those boxes of ready mix gumbo style rice foods. I specifically remember telling him "garlic, bell pepper, onion, chicken and sausage, and broth".

When we return to the store, I find he has already paid and is waiting for us. I look casually down into the bag and see a box of "gumbo" mix.


Not only that, he bought "lite" sausage. You gotta be kidding me! "Lite" sausage? WTF? They can't even spell it right, how can they make sausage with it?


Back at the station, we have no seasonings in the food locker. We have salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Not even any Tabasco in the 'fridge. I was forced, against my will, to make the box 'food'. I did my best to help it- I sauteed the chicken in olive oil, with chopped onion, and crushed garlic I stole borrowed from another food locker. I did find a can of okra and tomatoes to add as well.

Perhaps my gift to my crew will be a spice rack. I must try to bring these "people" out of the dark ages.


OK Katrina said...

What's life without a little Chili Powder and Cumin in almost everything? My own favorite dish is my spaghetti sauce that I start seasoning with a can of Rotel tomatoes and a dash of Chili Powder and a couple of Cumin, then I break out the Italian spices. Yummy!

jon spencer said...

And a industrial sized can of Tony Chachere's.

Detail Medic said...

I was under the impression firemen can COOK! What the hell? LT, you can talk some sense into them, can't you?