Monday, December 3, 2007

No Vacancy

After packing (and packing and packing) all my stuff to move, I gave the key to my locker to the Captain. That way he could give it to the next guy coming.

A small explanation is is order.

I have been promoted, we all knew that. The reason I am being assigned to my new station is because the Lieutenant he was assigned there has requested to be the move up officer. The move up officer is an "extra" lieutenant that moves from station to station filling in for an officer who is not on duty because of vacation or sick time. The move up officer does not have a home station, and carries all of his stuff with him. What makes the move up officer position attractive is that although he has to wag all his stuff everywhere, he gets Captains pay and is only a lieutenant.

Now, I have all my stuff in my truck. I could only expect that when I arrived at my new station, my new assignment, my new permanently assigned station, the place where I would be every shift, that I would have a locker to put all my stuff in. You know, so I don't have to carry it around with me, like the move up officer.
Since I'm not getting captains pay, and he is, don't you think that maybe, just maybe, he would empty his locker so I could move in?

Well, if you thought that you would be wrong!

Somebody is wantin' the best of both worlds.

And I'm getting shit on.

I foresee a private chat in the very near future.

Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

Uh, yeah.

Time to un-ass the old locker, Ell-Tee.

Detail Medic said...

That seems to always be the way. I'm impressed you actually have a key to pass on. I had to change all the locks because people keep losing the keys. And breaking locker doors.