Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Favor

Do you remember me telling you folks about Dale? Well, I thought I'd share another story or two.

Dale was known as a practical joker, a serious joker. He would go to great lengths, and even a bit of expense, to pull of a joke. Dale had been on another shift until he went to paramedic school, then he came to mine.

One day, one of the guys he had worked with on the other shift called and asked if he could "hold over" for him in the morning. Basically, he had asked him to stay late until he got there. Dale liked the guy and said "Sure!". The next morning, he told the oncoming officer that he was holding over for someone. It happened to be a Saturday, which is yard day.

Dale got up and cleaned the station, emptied the trash, cleaned the toilets, and mopped the station. Since it was yard day, he then went out and got the push mower and started mowing. And of course, the other guys let him. When he was through, he helped wash the equipment.

Finally, everything was done and it was near lunch time. Everyone had made it back into the day room and sat on the couch. Dale looked around (seemingly for the first time) and noticed that there were more than our "minimum manning" at the station. He then asked the captain when the other guy was coming in. The captain looked at him and smiled. He said, I think he has a day off today.

Dale got up, went to the office and looked at the vacation list. Sure enough, the guy wasn't scheduled to come in today, and Dale had done all of the work for nothing.

Dale took it well, and started on a series of revenge antics that escalated into....

Well, I use that as blog fodder for another day. Let's just say that that it involved a toothbrush, photos, toilets, can goods, and various other props.

Mr Fixit

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