Thursday, December 6, 2007


Like many, I'm addicted to site meter. I have noticed in the last few months a visitor from a city in another state. What makes me wonder is that I have a "connection" with that city. You see, one of our firemen left my city and moved to that city in another state. He works for the fire department there. I could imagine that he stumbled by and found a blog from a fireman in the area he used to work. Or, it could be just a coincidence. I just wonder what are the chances.....

If it is him, this should let him know who I am:

I was a fireman at the time. Dale was fireman, a few years behind me. I had been assigned to a station with a captain that was...different. Very by the book. Particular, in an anal retentive kind of way. Nice guy personally though. I had said many times that I would not mind being around him off duty, and that I thought we could go hunting together and have fun. But I hated working for him, as did the rest of the crew.

The Captain kept a file on us. It was not something the city wanted done, he just did it himself. He put a note in my file when he told me I needed new boots, or when I was late, or whenever anything anything was done out of the ordinary. He didn't hold a grudge, he held a file. There were several little battles with him over the time we were together. I was just not happy at all working there. It got to the point that I didn't want to go and be a fireman.

I wanted out. But how?

Dale was in paramedic school. He had been around as a rookie fireman and EMT, but he was sent to paramedic school after probation. He had a reputation as practical joker, a good one. Or a bad one, depending on if you were his victim. He was known as a guy you didn't want to piss off. Again, he was a nice guy. But he took revenge for just about any reason. He was single, so he could and did spend LOTS of time around the stations...playing.

Dale was a guy I didn't want to make mad. I wouldn't say I was afraid of him, that's not it. I just didn't want to have to look over my shoulder all the time. I didn't want to worry about my toothbrush being used as a pubic hair comb, or worry about my boots being filled with cement (which did later happen by the way, but for totally different reasons).

But I needed to use Dale to get out.

I did the only thing I could. Dale was doing his paramedic ride outs with Dallas FD, and would occasionally come to our local hospital. I saw him one day while I was dropping off a patient of my own. I waited until he had transferred the patient, and caught him outside.

I said "Dale, I just need you to know that I want out of my station."

"Yeah, it pretty much sucks over there, huh."

"Yeah, and I feel like it's only fair to tell you that if I can fuck you into taking my place so I get out, I'm gonna do it. I just wanted you to know, no hard feelings or anything, but that's what's gonna happen."

"Hey, yeah no hard feelings, I understand."

It almost worked to. Dale was assigned there, but I didn't get out. We worked together for a while. And yes, I have more stories about him.

Stories like:
"Why wont he let me pray?"
"Dale, can you hold over for me?"
"The coffee table book"
"Toothbrush photos"

So, how 'bout it? Dale is it you? Send me an email at the address in the top corner. All I ask is that you not reveal my name or department, or tell the guys I work with I have a blog. And that if I make you mad you don't drive the 12 hours back here and fill my truck with popcorn(which is a possibility).

Mr Fixit

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Mark said...

He sounds like a certain Firefighter I knew when I was on the VFD up in Missouri. Although he never did the concrete in the boots, he did put popcorn under the hood of my truck on the manifold, which freaked me out about 8 minutes afer I got off and was heading for hom e :)