Friday, November 16, 2007

Tiling Sucks

Did I say that out loud?

This is actually not my first attempt at it. I have done it on a smaller job twice. First time turned out not so great, second was the counter top and back splash of the kitchen. That time looks pretty nice.

BobG thanks for commiserating.

Lonnie, which is better for back(and leg and thigh and side) pain? Would you recommend Ibuprofen over aspirin? What about Tylenol or Excedrin? Hmmm? I have begun using ETOH I got from the local stop and rob.

So far the ETOH is working better than everything else. I was only vaguely aware that you could use ETOH in the morning, what a relief to find out it's OK. Since it is not a prescription, I have to watch the ETOH level very closely. Too much and the floor starts to tilt, too little and it does nothing for the pain and makes me want to pee.

Gotta go back to it.

Mr Fixit


lonnie said...

as far as the pain goes...good knee pads, patience and bud light. carry on.

Kaerius said...

Ibuprofen over aspirin, but you can mix them for better result(one ibuprofen and two aspirin recommended). I got that tip from my dentist once, for toothache, but it's my regular "I ache" self-medication now. I've not noticed any side-effects whatsoever, just make sure you're not allergic. Oh and my mom has problems with ibuprofen due to stomach ulcers and iritable colon.

Matt M said...

I did a tile floor in the kitchen two weeks ago. My wife chose for me to use epoxy grout, which was a new experience for me. Her decision was based on the fact that it never needs to be sealed.

The stuff had a one hour working time, and any residue not cleaned up within 12 hours is there forever. Looks good, and the only extra pain was the screw-up anxiety.

Beer, ibuprofen, and a nap. Swear to yourself that you will never do such a large job again. Think about hiring someone to do the grout the next time. I have had all of these thoughts.