Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr Fixit goes to work

At home.

I just got home from the station, and I'm about to start on my latest house project. I will be laying tile flooring in the kitchen, dining room, and utility room.

Lucky me.

Blogging may (read will) be slow until after the weekend.

Wish me luck, I'm goin' in.

Mr Fixit


BobG said...

Good luck with that; I've done enough of it that I do not envy you in the slightest.

BCFD36 said...

Stay low. Left hand search. Send the rookie first.

lonnie said...

hey mr. fixit. ive never posted comment on your blog before but i am a regular reader and also a tile setter. if you need any tips or advice i'd be glad to help. you can email me at