Monday, November 12, 2007

Aircraft Meme

I'm late to this party, sorry. Deer season and work at the fire station have had me busy.

I saw this meme over at JPG's and wanted to play too. So, in no particular order:

AC-130 gunship "Spooky"
That is some serious firepower. I just love the "more than what you think" aspect of it.

F4U Corsair

Love those wings. The shape of the wings was because they had to raise to "body" of the plane higher so the prop would clear the ground.

SR-71 "Blackbird"
Damn! What a plane. I always thought it looked cool. Then I read about Kelly Johnson and his Skunk Works. The things they did, and this plane. Think about this; It was made to go over mach3, so it actually grew in length when in flight due to friction with the air. The nose wrinkled every time due to the heat. It was made with titanium obtained through a CIA shadow company from the USSR- the main people it would be spying on. This plane is COOL!

A-10 Warthog
Take a 30mm electric Gatling Gun, and design a plane around it. Oh, and by the way, move the engines higher so the guns "exhaust gases" don't choke off the turbo fans. Sweet!

Wright FlyerWow! Spruce wood, bicycle chain drive on a totally new engine. Flight control consisted of warping the wing shape with a cradle fastened to your hips.

There are other cool planes that I like and would have made a longer list. Maybe next time.

Mr Fixit

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