Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Still looking...

I'm still working on the last post, the one just below this one.

I'll admit that I love history, but that I'm not real good at it. I love to learn. I really like to learn about weapons, and I think I do know a bit about them. That's what started this whole mess. Bear with me while I walk through this.

My wife is into "scrap booking". She got my mom started on it. My middle son had a "family tree" assignment due at school. So, we got out the scrap books, and went over to mom and dad's to see theirs. Sitting there loose in the book was the photo below. I asked who it was and was told it was my great-grandfather. So, I looked closer. On the back was written his name and "WWI". I thought the rifle looked like a Krag, which didn't seem right to me, not for that time. So, I started asking questions...

First, I asked my mother. Bless her heart, the woman knows little of manly interest like guns, or uniforms, or the history associated with them.

I moved on to ask my uncle. It seemed to have started well, he said he had that exact photo framed on his wall. But he didn't know much more about the man, or the time. He said "about 1914".

His date of 1914 throws into question the notation of "WWI" on the back of the photo I have, unless you follow Matt's hypothesis.

My Grandfather, the subject in the photo's father, is dead. So, I went to his wife, my Grandmother. I showed her the photo and asked first 'who', and then 'when' and finally 'where'.
The 1914 date surfaced again. She said he had served in the Calvary.

Matt, I made it a point to ask "In the U.S. Calvary?" She said yes. She went on to say he served in the Philippine's during the Philippine "altercation". "Insurrection?" I asked. "Something like that" she said. The 1914 date of his service would be past the Insurrection, and toward the end of the Moro Rebellion time frame.

I did find out that my Great-Aunt supposedly has all the "family information" including his discharge papers. I have sent word through her daughter, asking about him. It may be some time though.

So, below you see the picture. The photo was taken around 1914, he served in the Philippines, and was a member of the U.S. Calvary. That is all I know for now. I am still asking for help in ID'ing the uniform.

Thanks to all who have played so far.

Mr Fixit

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