Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shades of Zumbo....

Remember Zumbo? Remember what he stepped in? Do you also recall he was writing his blog for Outdoor Life?

You may also recall that shooters around the country commented, blogged, and sent e-mails to sponsors with such numbers and force that all of his major sponsors dropped him. Outdoor Life sponsored his blog, and it was pulled from the web post haste.

Well, it seems that maybe some folks might have learned a little something from all that.

I found today that Outdoor Life has a "new" blog up, since September. It's called "The Gunshots". The header says "Shooting, Hunting, Politics, Entertainment". I found it today, there are several writers, including Michael Bane seen on the site holding (wait for it) an AR-15.

Not only that, but Gunshots has linked to some well known members of the Triangle of Death, Uncle, and Ahab, the Ten Ring, and Arms & the Law, Alphecca, and Michael Banes own personal blog.

I would like to think that maybe, just maybe some folks on the "hunting side of the 2nd" have taken a look around. I hope that perhaps some of the us and them mentality is waning.
I think Gunshots might be a good start.
Good job Outdoor Life.

Mr Fixit

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