Thursday, October 25, 2007

My how times change

And I think for the better this time.

You may all be aware, but I just found out; Remington is now in the AR-15 business.

Take just a moment to let that sink in.

Remington Arms, the nations oldest gun maker is now building "evil black assault rifles". Although really they're not evil, or assault rifles, and in this case, they're not even black. But make no mistake, it is an AR-15 clone.

Remington is reported to have said they wanted to bring a "sporting focus" to the Black Gun market.

I say "Woo Hoo!"

It seems that Remington and Bushmaster are now part of the same company. In reality, the new R-15 is probably just a Bushmaster with the Remington roll mark, and that's OK. There are only a few real makers of AR's who put everyone else's name on them. What's really important is that a company like Remington is doing it.

I had to go back and look and this is what I said in this post:

I think it is possible that the latest ban attempt is a sort of last ditch try by the gun control crowd. I believe, and think they realize, that the coming generation was raised around evil black rifles, where as they have tried to demonize them because they were new to them.

I think on some level they know that if they can't get some gun control legislation out soon, it may be too late. That the coming generation of voters, and legislators are not as extremist on gun control as they themselves are. I believe that it will be harder and harder to project the image of evil onto "assault weapons" because people will be more exposed to them. The younger crowd will have seen them in movies and video games, and will not associate them with a "new type of weapon" as the aging flower children do. To the younger generations, they have been around forever.

I think this shows we're heading in the right direction.

For more information, go over and check out The Gun Shots.

I'd really like to hear you folks views on this.

Mr Fixit


Kaerius said...

I'm a part of that younger generation I suppose, though the only black weapon I've ever shot(IRL) was a semi-automatic beretta 1201FP 12 gauge shotgun. Nice gun, fun to shoot, surprisingly light felt recoil.

I have no idea why the colour should make any difference.

Gun control worked fine in my country in years past, but it's been kinda wearing thin since we entered the european union(so much easier to smuggle with "open borders"). Illegal(smuggled) firearms are getting way too common for my taste now. Heck a female friend of mine has a glock stashed in the attic that an ex-boyfriend gave her.

Anyway "assault weapon" is just a phrase used to give it a bad emotional response. To me, unless it's got automatic action, it's no assault rifle. I'd be more scared of being shot by a hunting rifle anyway.

Mr. Fixit said...

what makes this, to me, an important development is that for the first time a major maker of "traditional" rifles will be makeing AR clones.

Until now in this country, AR's and other so-called 'assault weapons' have been a major market, but have been manufactured by 'specialty' makers.

There have been many gun owners who have never owned one of these type rifles. They are very happy with the 'traditional' bolt-action guns for hunting and can not understand how anyone could need/want anything else. Now, one of 'their' manufacturers has legitimized what they might consider a 'bad' rifle.

There has been a divide between groups of gun owners in this country. On one side is the "hunter" type who may own several weapons, but not any of the "assault weapon" style. On the other side is the "shooter" who may not hunt (or may) but enjoys not only bolt actions and single shots, but also the AR style and AK variants, along with FAL, Cetme and other like styled weapons.

Remington has taken a step to bring these two groups closer together, and that is always a good thing.