Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking for help, calling all military history buffs

This is my Great-Grandfather. I know his name, and and that this photo was taken "in World War 1". I have been told that he served in the Philippine's. I have no other information on his service, or this photo.

What I am asking for is help with this photo. I am interested in his uniform and of course weapon. I look and see what appears to be a Krag rifle. The uniform has me puzzled.

So I'm asking for help. If anyone has information on this, or can point me in the direction to find it I would be most appreciative. And I'm going to specifically ask Tamara for help.

Mr Fixit


Billy Sparks said...

Definatley not a WWI uniform. I have pictures of my grandfather in his and it looks nothing like this one. It looks correct for Spanish American War but before the Phil. uprising period. The rifle does very much look like a Krag.

Anonymous said...

Send me the name and I may be able to help with a search. rockingk1 at juno dot com

Mr. Fixit said...

drop me an e-mail at thefixitshop AT Gmail DOT com.

Billy, I agree the uniform looks out of date.
I wonder, might this be a photo of him during training? Would that explain the uniform and Krag?

I'm still checking with family for more info.

Mr Fixit

Matt G said...

Are you certain which army he fought for?

Mr. Fixit said...

see, on the back of the photo was written (much newer than the photo) his name, and WWI.

I suppose.....

Matt G said...

Not which war. Which army.

Mr. Fixit said...

I know what you meant Matt.

Am I certain? Well, no.

I can only tell you what I was told.

JPG said...

Okay, here's a SWAG which might just possibly play out. For many years following the Spanish-American War, the US supported a paramilitary police agency called the Philippine Constabulary. The officers and some senior NCOs were American.

This agency worked closely with the US Army units responsible for occupation of the newly conquered territory. As is so frequently the case, allied units, even from different countries, worr similar if not identical uniforms, altered only by accouterments and insignia.


The US Officers in the photos are wearing a lighter colored uniform, but notice the styling, expecially of the blouse and the high-crowned cap and the exterior headband. The image you posted shows a soldier --or Constable-- with a rifle but no belt, bandolier, or bayonet. This tends to indicate a studio photograph, which was usually taken in "Class A" or dress uniform. The majority of uniforms worn in the tropics were, of course, khaki or light brown.

After the first few years, the PC was armed with the Krag rifle, 1897 Winchester shotguns, and .38 and .45 revolvers. They had the .45-70 Springfields to begin, and were given the Krags when the '03 Springfields were issued to regular US Army troops.