Friday, October 26, 2007

"He picked the wrong apartment"

That was the quote from the news reporter about this story.

It seems a criminal idiot man broke into an apartment that was occupied by a man in a wheelchair. The intruder was armed with a shotgun, the occupant was not. The occupant reportedly got out of the wheelchair, wrestled with the intruder, took away his weapon, and shot him with it.

The criminal intruder poor angel died at the hospital shortly thereafter.

And by the way, the disabled man is in his 50's.

You know, when a 50 year old disabled man can get out of his wheel chair to beat you up and take away your gun, maybe it's time to find a new hobby.

Heah, I guess he did though.

Mr Fixit

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OK Katrina said...

Dang! That's a really bad day--for the disabled guy--the bad guy got what he deserved.