Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Monday

Yeah, right.

In answer to some comments, and an email I received, yes I am being promoted to Lieutenant. I don't know how y'all figured it out.
My worry about being in a delima over the EMS position proved to be a waste of good worry time. Of three of us being promoted, one took the EMS position before it could be offered to me. So, I will be a Lt. on an engine company. I still get to be a paramedic, as we run paramedic engines. We still answer EMS runs with our ambulance. I will be answering fire calls as well though. I don't know which shift or station I will be going to yet, I should find out within a few weeks. The promotion will be effective by Thanksgiving, which is coincidentally very near (read very very near) my birthday.

Yay me!

Mr Fixit


Detail Medic said...

CONGRATS FIX IT!!!! SO proud of you!!

BCFD36 said...

On the previous post, you had a thing that I thought was a coffin. Now I get it. But I may have been right the first time.



Brandon said...

The best of both worlds for you, congratulations!!

TD said...

Congratulations! I must confess I was stumped by your hint.

Strings said...

Congrats, bro! Maybe, with the increase in pay, you'll be better able to afford that bike we were talkin' about! ;)

Rabbit said...


So, do you get a driver, or do they let you drive the engine every now and again?

Don't let it cut into your FAL-cobbling time.


Gerald said...

Congratulations! I know you will do fine in whatever position you're assigned to.