Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brushed by Greatness

Who'd a thunk it?

Seems Uncle took notice of my scribblings about Zumbo's replacement Blog, Gunshots. Not only that, he linked that post.

Then, Tamara makes comments on my next blog entry. And even Chris Muir left a comment on my blog.
Chris Muir!!!

All that notice by the big kids makes me feel tingly on the inside.

Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

My blog-brother's a rock star!

Mr. Fixit said...

Heh, no.
just a roadie

Strings said...

That's ok: should your ego swell to anything near-AD proportions, I've got a nice sharp pin lying around here somewhere... ;)

Chris Muir said...

If it ain't broke, Fixit!

And things ain't broke.