Thursday, October 11, 2007


So busy these days.

I've got a couple of stories in my head, well a couple I plan to tell here anyway. Thing is, I can't find time to get them down.

Last 2 shifts at the fire station we have had 2 structure fires each night. Yesterday and today are my "days off", and I am mowing a cemetery which is my 2nd job. 2 days of 16hours riding a commercial mower- good times. Tomorrow I go back to the station.

I really don't enjoy the mowing, in case you didn't catch the sarcasm. I don't dislike it so much, just not what I want. But I like the money. See, I have an addiction. The money I get mowing feeds my habit.

My addiction? Hunting and shooting, with my boys. Right now I'm trying to make an "E-caller" to take to the bottoms. I have decided (with proper pre-approved spousal permission) to add a nice Bobcat to the decor of my living room. I would also like to take my middle son coyote hunting. I'd love to film that. Love to see his expression when a big male comes running full steam toward him. I remember how I shook the first time.

Also in the near future, very near in fact, we'll be deer hunting again. Nothing like providing your own meat, tastes better too. And of course if I can figure out how, we may try a duck/goose hunt.

I got to go to work. Stay tuned.

Mr Fixit

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Detail Medic said...

Just for the record, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, YOU SUCK. Two house fires?? Can't you send some of that work my way???