Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Once again I find that I am reading many blogs not on my blogroll. Since I have been going to other blogs to get to blogs, I am cutting out the middle man. Not to worry, the middle men were on the blogroll.

So I have added:
Babs Rn. I've been reading her for quite a while. Long before AD got puppy dog eyes. I really respect a lady who will tell you what she really thinks and not apologize for it. Sorry it took so long to get her on here.
Mark over at the Texas Fellowship Blog. He's the guy that got Lawdog, AD, Matt G, and Babs (among others) to do interviews. Also seems to be a sharp and nice guy. Mark, sorry it took so long to link back to you
Michael Bane Blog. He's the host of Shooting Gallery on TV, and lots of shooting related videos on his blog.
Toles Place. I wish he would post more often, but he is interesting when he does.
Walrilla. He says of himself I'm a hairy old fart who doesn't take kindly to pebkacs and I-D-10-T's. Plus he likes guns and speaks common sense.
Viking Medic at The Quest for Valhalla. Southern Boy, rides a bike, and is a Combat Medic in the National Guard having returned from Iraq in '06.
Mal-Fits and Carteach0. 2 blogs by the same guy, Carteach0. Carteach0 blog is heavily gun related. Mal-Fits is all the other stuff. Both good.
Xavier, a nurse with a gun.

There ya have it. I've made my blog reading easier. If there is anybody out there with a link to me to whom I do not have a link back, drop me a comment and I will rectify.

Mr Fixit


Babs RN said...

Well thank ya, hun.

Mark said...

Thankee Sir...

Always Enjoy reading your blog....