Monday, September 3, 2007

Speaking of hunting...


A few years ago my great uncle, who farms the land we dove hunted on this weekend, comes in from the bottom all excited and want to call the sheriff. He thought he had drug runners on his property.

You see, he went to the fields and found about 50 white rags in the stubble of the field next to the bar-ditch (the water collected beside the levy of the river). He is sure it is a 'drop zone' for what he called "that ol' dope".

After showing one to several of the family, it turns out they were white "rag decoys" for geese. We all had a bit of a laugh.

Fast forward to this weekend. While hunting, my dad and I talk about that episode. Son wants to go duck hunting. I think this property would be a good place to do that.

But I've never been duck or goose hunting. It just never appealed to me. The whole thought of hunting in the water and cold, and then getting into the water to get what you shot...not so exciting.

But, I have seen the hunting shows with people hunting in dry fields near water and thought "That I could do." Couple that with the more liberal bag limits I've heard about on geese, and I think we may have to give it a try.

There is one problem. Remember I said I've never been? Neither has Dad. We kinda don't know how to start. Decoys? Which and how many? Calls- how? Guns- gothcha covered on that one. Blinds?

So, any die hard duck/goose hunters out there?


Needin' some advice here boys and girls.

Mr Fixit

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