Friday, September 21, 2007


The weekend is near, payday is here. It happens to coincide with a large gun show at Market Hall tomorrow and Sunday.

So, myself and the middle child will be on hand at the gun show. Me, I'm looking to buy an AR carbine kit. And maybe a couple of lower receivers. And magazines, for the AK's and AR's.
Son wants air soft guns, and knives, maybe a blowgun.

So tomorrow, after I get home from the station and clean up, we will turn around and make the trip to Dallas. I might even take my Texas Border Patrol Rifle with me.

I'll let you know how the weekend pans out.

Mr Fixit


Kaerius said...

Sometimes I envy the gun liberal US...

If I attended that show, I'd probably be going home with a brand new Alexander Arms "Overwatch"(.50 beowulf sniper rifle, based on AR-15).

Mr. Fixit said...

"Gun Liberal US" is not something we hear alot. In the US the "Liberals" are for gun control and bans.

But I know what you mean, useing the true definition of the word, not the politically twisted version.

Oh, and I would love one of those too.

Mr Fixit.

Kaerius said...


I live in Sweden, and while I understand american usage of the term liberal, it's used differently in sweden. Politically, for us, the "liberals" are the rightwing capitalist freemarket types. But that may be because we're more of a socialist country, have been for about a hundred years, with occasional rightwing control for single 4 year terms(like we have right now, and boy are they making a mess of things, as usual).

Heck your so called "conservative" republicans aren't all that conservative anymore, they're radical reactionists, though I think ONE of the republican presidential candidates is a real conservative(Ron Paul).

Rabbit said...

Maybe so, Kaerius, but you can buy protective sound suppression for those firearms without heinous government intervention and preventions.

Fixit, did you find anything worthwhile at the show? I was stuck with an 'emergency' wheel bearing replacement and brake job on the wife's vehicle and didn't make it to the show.

Anything noteworthy to be found?


Kaerius said...

"Maybe so, Kaerius, but you can buy protective sound suppression for those firearms without heinous government intervention and preventions."


We have gun control here, much more than you do.

First off, to get a licence to own a gun, you must have a hunting licence, acquired after doing a hunting exam(it also requires that you have land to hunt on), or have been a member of a shooting club for 2 years.

There's three kinds of firearms licences:
Hunting licence: this one allows for up to 5 guns, IIRC. Allows you to hunt and practice with the guns.
Practice/competition licence: I don't remember how many guns this can max hold, up to 7 I think. Shooting range only.
Collectors licence: Unlimited number, but you may not shoot with them.

Each time you want to buy a gun, you must apply for it to be put on one of your licences, takes a month or two for the police to process. You can also apply to switch weapons you already own between the licences, if you've filled them, marginally faster I think.

Carry licences do not exist, concealed or otherwise, and only hunting rifles may be put on the hunting licence(no handguns, bows or other).

You may transport weapons in your vehicle to and from the range, or hunting ground, but they must be in cases or wrapped up.

Pellet/bb guns with a muzzle velocity of at least 666 fps(yeah funny how that works, it's 200m/s, conversion can be funny) require a licence as well.

Not sure what you mean by protective sound supression, but silencers/surpressors are illegal.

There are special cases though: For example, policemen carry service pistols while on duty. National guard members have an AK4(H&K G3A1) or AK5 in their home. And perhaps the weirdest I know of is Swedish Steel's anti-sabotage unit, their members are allowed, or at least were allowed 10 years ago, to have a submachine gun at home.

I had a friend when I was in my mid-teens(and he was in his early twenties) who owned about 20 rifles all told, spread on his 3 licences, that's how I learned most of this; also one of my mom's former boyfriends were a member of swedish steel's anti-sabotage unit, which is how I know about that. He also had a colt python .357, a .22 revolver, and two hunting rifles.

Gun control has worked quite well in my country for many years, but recently, gun smuggling has escalated quite a bit, a lot owing to the more open borders since we joined the EU. Heck, a female friend of mine has a glock stashed away that one of her ex-boyfriends gave her.

Personally, the only gun I've owned was a sweet little 5.5mm air-operated pelletgun that was just under the licence requirement(about 185m/s I think), had a lot of fun with that one before I sold it on. Did a gelatin test with it once, penetrated 8 inches after going through the plastic cork of the bottle holding the gelatin, at 10 meters(33 feet). Probably lethal if you hit someone in the right/wrong place(depending on how you look at it). Probably more powerful than any kid of 13-14 had any business owning. ;)

I've shot a bunch of hunting rifles and a couple of shotguns with the friend mentioned above though.

Excuse the long post... err novel.

Kaerius said...

Oh nearly forgot: It's required by law that you have the guns stored in a gunlocker, basically a safe. For smaller ones, they have to be bolted to the floor.