Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh yeah,

Got a couple of questions about the gun show last weekend. Sorry I forgot to tell you guys about it. I did take my Texas Border Patrol AR-15 with me:
I got quite a few comments and more than one offer to buy. Unfortunately, the price I named was about as high as for a new one at the show. Not that I wanted to sell it, but I would have. I named a price that would allow me to buy another lower receiver and completion kit with just a bit left over. Seems nobody wanted it that bad. That's OK though. I like it, and it shoots great.

I have a plan folks. See, I have 3 sons. So, I am trying to have sets of 3 of the guns I own. things like 3 Swiss K-31's, or 3 Mauser's, 3 Mosin's etc. you get the idea. One day I want them to have my "collection" without fighting over it, and without somebody feeling like they got shafted.

With that in mind, I was on the lookout for stuff. One of the things I planned on buying was another AR rifle. For one thing, the Border Patrol Rifle is the only AR I have now, and it's kinda hard to divide by 3. For another thing, who knows what will happen in the next few years with the Politicians.

Now, I'm not into the whole Mall Ninja thing. I'm not a Policeman, nor am I a Spec Warrior. I don't even work security in a mall for goodness sake. I don't see that I have a need to hang a light, and laser and forward grip, and battery case, and Swiss Army knife or another laser on a rifle.

But........I do like the "retro" look if you will of that GAU-5, and the XM-177 carbine too. So, that's what I wanted to find at the show.
However, the A1 uppers are scarce as hens teeth and priced to match.

I did buy a CAR-15 kit, 16" barrel with collapsible stock, and A2 upper. I got a nice new Doublestar lower for the AR from Texas Tactical. I am working on a deal to trade for an early "slick side" upper. I figure I can put a reverse flashider on it, set the sights for 200 yards and it will be all good for the shooting I'd do with it.

In addition to the purchases, I got to see and talk to a collector with a very nice collection of AK's. He showed me the difference in the type I II and III, as well as showed some of the various AKM's he had. Middle son liked that too.

We got to see a nice FNC and an original Thompson M1-A1. Sweeeet! Talked to some friends from the FAL Files, and of course met the "Queen Bee" herself, Jen.

Middle son and I had fun. He has already tried to claim one (doesn't matter which) of the AR's for his own.

It was a good time.

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

You saw an FNC?

Geez. That wheel bearing could have waited a few days. That kid's too fat from riding around anyway. I have air in the airtank and he could ride his bike instead.

I don't know if they do uppers, but the site's full of lowers and other ARness.

You checked with Model 1 yet?


Mr. Fixit said...

As a matter of fact, Model 1 was who I got the kit from. They didn't have any A1 or slick side uppers at the time.

Mr Fixit