Thursday, September 20, 2007

I took his advice

Like everyone else here, I read Lawdog everyday. When there isn't a new post, I go through the archives. I'm a fan, sue me.

While reading his post regarding the passing of author Robert Jordan, I realized I had never heard of him. I did make a mental note that he was respected by Lawdog, and Tole as well.

Fast forward to yesterday. I made the drive to Sherman for lunch with some "friends" from the FAL Files online gun forum. Lunch and to pick up some nice .50 cal ammo cans. I arrived early and had time to kill. What do I see from the parking lot of the meeting place? A bookstore.

I peruse the selection a bit, and see a wall of Sci-fi/fantasy. And who do you think I looked up? If you said the aforementioned Mr. Jordan you would be correct.

I don't know why, but from Lawdogs post I assumed he was older, and maybe his books were now out of print. Maybe I was tired when I read it. No matter, his series Wheel of Time as available both in hard and soft cover. I bought the first two in the series just to try out.

Having started reading last night, I am up to chapter 6 and into the "can't stop 'till I finish" mode of reading. To put it simply, I like it so far.

So let me say thanks to Lawdog for the recommendation. And to everyone else, they are available, and worth a look.

Mr Fixit


Ralphd00d said...

The only sad part is that the series won't have an ending now. book 12 was still being completed.

Beaker said...

Robert Jordan did share his general plot and all the important details with his wife and friends. So they would be able to publish the 12th and final book with another author. I'm hoping they do because I really want to see how it all ends.

Strings said...

I started reading Wheel of Time, and stopped when I realized he still hadn't finished the series. I believe my exact words were "He'll end up dying before finishing the final book"...

I hate being right.

but my understanding is that Beaker is correct: he had gotten part-way through writing the final book, and made sure those closest to him knew where it was suppose to go...