Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Where am I?

Have you ever had those days when you just cant concentrate on anything very long? Good, you know how I feel then.

So much to do....

I have 3 AK kits to build, as well as an FAL just waiting for a receiver. And then, there's the Sistema.

And to top it all off, my wife reminds me that we have just over a week until we go on our cruise.

So many things......


Billy Sparks said...

Cruise to where? Just curious as my wife and I are about the same time out on our cruise.

Mr. Fixit said...

Out of Galveston to Cozumel and I think Plya del Carma. I think that is right, my wife is the one who booked it all. So, where are you folks going?

Rabbit said...

What kind of receiver are you thinking about for that FAL?

Man, I haven't found a good StG parts kit in a couple of years. Good thing I have a good one already. I'd be lost without it.


Mr. Fixit said...

I bought a STG kit waaayyyy back when. Built it on an Imbel type 3. Then got a very good G1 kit and built it on a Coonan type 1, and cut the barrel to 16.25", added Izzy handgaurds and a browning flash hider.
I still have an Imbel kit to build. I'm thinking of getting a DSA type 2 and putting it on the STG, then taking the Imbel receiver and putting it on the Imbel kit.

The Stg kit was in very good condition, so it looks good. The carbine I refinished. The Imbel I want to make look used. Maybe scuff up the receiver to match the kit so it looks the same...


Mr Fixit

Rabbit said...

My StG is on a DSA type 2. You'll never regret getting it. Pure quality.

The Imbel souns like it's going to be a fun build. I like stuff that looks like its seen the real world.


Billy Sparks said...

Okay we are taking the the Alaska cruise for our 10th anniversary. There for a moment I thought there would be a celebrity on the cruise.