Saturday, August 18, 2007

It has started.....kinda

The Sistema Project is somewhat officially underway now, although moving very slowly. As you may recall, I have always wanted a 1911. I heard about the Argentine Sistemas on sale at Gander Mountain a while back and bought one. Because they only had one. It is for all intents and purposes a 1927 Colt 1911-A1. Made on Colt machinery, by employees trained and supervised by Colt Employees (at least at first), to Colt Standards, in Argentina.

I got it with the plan of putting my money where my name (Mr Fixit) is. I intend to rebuild/customize it. Better, faster, stronger....I hope it doesn't cost that much. I plan on the basic carry package, with just a bit of taticool thrown in.

Up to this point I have shot it as is, and found that while it seems to be reliable, it patterns at 25 yards rather than groups. The finish is non-existent which makes it look like it was chromed. The grips are worn and terrible. So, I have ordered a new barrel and bushing set, thin grips with bushings and screws, trigger, and beaver tail grip safety.

All of the parts are in, and I have been wanting to get to it. However, I have kids. My wife works days. And it is summer vacation. So, on my days off from the fire station, I have the kids. And, well, the gun can wait. BUT, school starts in one week. So today I disassembled the pistol. All the way. Partly to get started, and partly to see what the internals look like and find out what else I need to order. I will be ordering a hammer, but am wondering about using the existing sear and disconnect, or biting the bullet and getting a set of the three.

Other than being dirty, as in dust and sand, the internals look great. Hardly any wear. It looks to have been handled a lot and shot a little.

In about a week I intend to start the project. Stay tuned.

Mr Fixit


Medic 61 said...

Thank you for your comment. :) In my short time in EMS, I have found all of that to be true.

jon spencer said...

Good article here.