Monday, August 20, 2007

If only it were that simple

Well, it was.

I have to tell you folks that it is hot in Texas right now. Like Africa Hot. I'm not sure how hot it gets in Africa, but it sure seems like it would be hot there. Maybe in Africa they complain that it is Texas Hot on the bad days, who's to say.

Anyway, it is hot here, like most of the South right now. High heat and humidity make the heat index (how hot it feels) go into the triple digits. Nobody want to go outside. And thank John Gorrie for the air conditioning.

The ambulance in our station was dispatched into another stations district. That ambulance was on a fire call. Problem was that they had been on the call, doing nothing for half an hour. The engine was "investigating", which usually means that we have no idea why anyone called, but we'll look around and see what we find. The ambulance crew was sitting in the ambulance, sucking up the cold AC.

Just sitting.

For half-an-hour.

As the ambulance from my station proceeds to their call, they have to pass the guys sitting in the cool air. And they just watch them pass. They might have waved.

My guys don't transport the patient. But they go by the other station. They walk inside, feel the cool air, and turn off both Air Conditioning units. And then leave. Ha Ha, this will be funny.

The next shift we are on duty, we find out the rest of the story.

They guys all get back from the 'fire call' and notice how warm it seems to be getting. The Captain gets out thermometers and hangs them around. The guys hold their hands over the vents and find no air coming out. The climb up on the roof and see that the units are not running. They call for a repairman, and wait. In the heat.

For 2 hours.

The repairman arrives and is instantly everyones bestest buddy. He takes a look around, walks over to the thermostat, and flips it on.

I understand that bad words were spoken.

So here you go guys, this is for you:

Don't break your fingers pushing that thing.

Mr Fixit


Ralphd00d said...

I love that kind of retaliation. Just be prepared for their payback...

Rabbit said...

Flashcard thinking at it's finest.

If it ain't workin', it's obviously broke.

They designed flowcharts for a reason.


Chris in SE TX said...

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!

That was the funniest thing ever!!! Of course, y'all now have to religiously watch y'all's backs!

Dan O. said...

Hope they're better at firefighting, when they find a fire. What do they do if they get to the station and the trucks aren't running, call a tow truck?