Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm working on it

The Sistema Project that is.

I am ordering parts today.

I've always wanted a 1911, since watching Magnum PI anyway. And have long wanted to build one for a carry gun.

Since I'm starting with a Sistema, it should be easier. Can't wait to get into it, you know tighten the frame and slide, a ramp job, new sights, lower the ejection port. Basically to do what most people think should be done means taking a working gun, and grinding and polishing, and bending and replacing working parts to make it "better".

I've read a lot about 1911's. I have read that you "need" this or that modification. I am told that things won't work correctly unless you have the newest bestest most tacticool mods and accessories.

Maybe, maybe not.

So far it shoots FMJ very reliably. Problem is that it looks like a shotgun pattern at the target. The barrel crown is bad, and I can move the hood of the barrel with my thumb when it is locked up. A new barrel for sure. The rest.....we'll have to see.

Stay tuned.

PS- I'm still taking suggestions...for a while.

Mr Fixit


JPG said...

I strongly suggest you take it easy on making too many radical modifications on your pistol. I've examined a lot of Sistema 1927s. Most were in good mechanical shape, and many had decent external finishes. They all had horrible-looking bores.

When I received mine, it was typical - - The bore showed LOTS of shooting with corrosive ammunition. Just to be sure, I took it to the range. Strangely, many badly pitted barrels shoot pretty wellbut this was not one of 'em. I tried with two factory loads and two handloads of known accuracy. None would stay on a pie plate at 20 yards. The hard, creepy, trigger didn't help.

I dug out a used-but-still-pretty-good GI 1911A1 barrel. I installed it, using the link and pin from the Sistema. I also swapped around with a total of three sears and two hammers, doing NO stone work on any of 'em.

The tiny front sight was matched with an equally narrow rear sight notch. I used a Swiss pattern file to widen the notch, favoring the left ride.

LO AND BEHOLD! The trigger pull was quite manageable and I was hitting the 5-zone of a TX-PT silhouette target, first at 25 and then at 50 yards. Well, okay, I didn't STAY in the 5 at 50, but they were good hits.

If I was going to use this pistol for "main battery," carry, I'd want to install higher, wider, fixed sights. This normally requires either milling work or silver soldering. As I'm not set up to do either, I'd first order my personal-preference sights from Brownell's, and take them and the pistol to a good gunsmith.

Because I have two other .45s set up for regular carry, I'm happy with my Sistema as it is. It shoots 230 gr FMJ and Speer Gold Dot JHPs reliably with NO modification of barrel, feed ramp, or ejection port.

If your pistol is reliable, I'd suggest you put several hundred rounds of good ammo through it before you remove any metal, and FOR SURE, before you start squeezing the slide to make it tighter. You might want to order an assortment of different-length links and a new link pin, and do a little experimentation with those.
Any time you tighten up a 1911, you're messing with reliability. And reliability is Job One for a defensive pistol. ALL one needs is sufficient accuracy to hit a ten-inch circle at 25 yards. If you want to get into bullseye matches or pistol silhouette shooting, you'll need a different setup.

Good luck to you, and please, keep us informed about your project.

Tam said...

Seen my (currently stalled) Sistema project?