Thursday, July 5, 2007

From My Neck-o-the-woods (area of the state to you yankees)

In Mesquite today, 4 firefighters were injured when their apparatus was struck by a semi.

See the story here.

It's dangerous out there guys. Be careful. Stay safe.

Mr Fixit


Billy Sparks said...

What type of a semi has 6 people in it? Was the crew on the engine when it was struck?

Chris in SE TX said...

SIX people in the semi????? I thought we still had a few months before the Mexican semi trucks were allowed in the US......

(I know, how very un-PC of me..... )

Mr. Fixit said...

I talked to a guy in Mesquite today:
It was a cab with a sleeper. Man driving, wife and kids in the truck. The engine was sitting, parked at a 45 degree angle. They had just got in and shut the door, and less than a second later the truck struck them. He knocked them straight, and into the next lane. They never saw him.