Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Now?

Folks, I'm asking a favor of my readers. I need help.

No, not that kind of help.

Books. I need book help.

See, I love to read. You can have my television, I don't watch it anyway. Take the radio and tape player too. But I need books.

I spent several months studying for my Lieutenant Exam. While doing that, I couldn't wait to get done so I could go back to reading for fun. The test had been done for a while, and I have caught up on some of my "must do's" on the list work I don't get paid for around the house. So, now I am ready to read.

But who? And what?

So I'm asking you gentle readers for advise.

Let me give you some idea of what I like, and have read. (in no particular order)

W.E.B. Griffin- loved his Corps series, and his Brotherhood of War series. Never got into the Badge series.
Tom Clancy- Cardinal in the Kremlin, Sum of All Fears, Clear and Pres.... Ok, everything up to Rainbow Six. I lost intrest in that one. Without Remorse is a personal fav.
Some of the Dale Brown's work
Dan Brown- Da vinci Code and Angles and Demons
Jean Auel- Clan of the Cave Bear, the whole series. (yeah I know)

And now I'm sitting here drawing a blank. Basically, I like History, and Historic Fiction. Military and military fiction. Science Fiction

How could I forget?
Arther C. Clark- Rama series,
Heinlein- Starship Troopers, No time for the stars
Carl Sagan- Contact

Joaquin Jackson-One Ranger

Michal Crichton

There are many others I have forgotten. Science fiction, History, Military, Cowboys/Rangers

I'm open to suggestion.

Mr Fixit


Royal said...

Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield, though I've heard that the books after this aren't as good.

The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

Both are very, very good historic fiction.

Anonymous said...

Mystery/triller/some military:

Lee Child's "Reacher" books
Deutermann (all of them)
Harold Coyle (military)


David Weber (esp. "Honor Harrington" series)

John Ringo (many but esp. "Ghost" series)

Michael Z. Williamson - military/libertarian

Eric Flint/David Weber -- "1632" series (alternate history)

MonkeyGirl said...

Vince Flynn if you like renegade CIA agents and soldiers.

Lee Child "Reacher" series if you like renegade ex-MPs.

John Sandford "Prey" series if you like renegade homicide cops.

Love all three.

Rabbit said...

Harry Turtledove's "Guns of the South" or his World War series.

Alternative history that has some interesting twists. All of the local DFW chain bookstores carry them in paperback.


davewyman99 said...

Stephen Hunter's book are fairly good.

I second David Weber and Michael Z Williamson.

Marcus Wynne has some good books.

Larry Niven is one of my favorite SciFi guys (after Heinlein). Try Footfall, Lucifer's Hammer, and Oath of Fealty.

Anonymous said...

Try "". It maps your favourite authors to those of similar style/subject/content.

qlajlu said...

The Foresight War, by Anthony G. Williams. ( softbound book -or- download as an e-book.

The main player is a history professor that wakes up one morning and finds he has been transported back in time to 1934 England. Since he is totally familiar with major events of the war with the Nazis, he becomes an advisor to England. Then they find out that Nazi Germany ALSO has a time traveler advising them.

History/War/should be right up your alley.

Beaker said...

David Weber does Military Sci-Fi VERY well.

You would probably enjoy the Sector General books by James White if you can find them.

armed_and_christian said...

"MOLON LABE" by Boston T. Party

"Enemies Foreign & Domestic" by Matt Bracken

"Domestic Enemies" by Matt Bracken

You won't be disappointed. In the words of the theologian George Zimmer, "I guarantee it."

Maserati said...

David Weber's stuff is pretty good, but he got way off track and over the top in the middle of the series. He's since spun the universe out to other writers and that has helped a great deal.

How about some of Peter Hamilton's science fiction ? Since I see Clancy on your list you should like his tech/action stuff. I consider him a mix of Clancy and Niven. And if you read his epic 6-fat-paperback Night's Dawn series, then mix in some Stephen King too.

He writes action scenes like nobody's business.

Night's Dawn is Reality Dysfunction, Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God (each in two volumes). C'mon, you have to find out how Al Capone takes over a whole solar system...

If that isn't quite right, then Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained make up his latest series, they're both out in paperback now.

For historical fiction, try Jack Whyte's Camulod series, starting with The Skystone. That's the King Arthur saga starting with his great-grandfather's service in the Roman legions. Great stuff.

For real history, get some Barbara Tuchman. The Zimmerman Telegram, The First Salute and A Distant Mirror are most recommended.

And on the fantasy side, perhaps Stephen Brust's take on the Three Musketeers: The Phoenix Guards, 500 Years After and The Viscount of Adrilankha (3 volumes, The Paths of the Dead, The Lord of Castle Black, and Sethra Lavode). Brust likes to write cool fantasy with nothing much heavier than a rapier or a sabre, real cloak and rapier-style intrigue and adventure. He even writes like Dumas and has great fun with it.

For fantasy, there's

Brandon said...

Try any Stephen Coonts book, they're good military fiction.

Pokerwolf said...

The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison. Read every book in the series. They're all well done.

WOZ said...

Anything by Dean Koontz. I'm currently reading Odd Thomas. If you are interested, you can register at to swap books with other readers.

Anonymous said...

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BobG said...

Hammers Slammers series by David Drake.

Ralphd00d said...

Jeffery Deavers - mystery/CSI stuff. Has a character recurring Lincoln Rhymes. Had a movie out called "The Bone Collector".

Neil Gaiman is good too.

Anonymous said...

Orson Scott Card: Enders Game

BCFD36 said...

Since you like SF (good choices BTW) is is a very short step to Fantasy. For some people anyway. There is a very good series by Glen Cook starting with "The Black Company." A band of mercenaries caught up in things bigger than them. I was HOOKEDon the first paragraph.

D. Scruggs
Captain, Boulder Creek Fire

Randy said...

The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Wayne said...

W.E.B.Griffin has a new series with a couple of book. Presidential Agent. Good series.

Woz said Odd Thomas, dead on. Read 2 of the 3 books so far.

Old but favorite: Shibumi by Ian Trevanian.

Anonymous said...

Tim Powers "On Stranger Tides".
Super duper historical fantasy with pirates. Also,I wish I had never read Dianna Gabaldon's "Outlander" series (so they would be new to me all over again).


Sevesteen said...

Your tastes aren't that far off mine. There are a couple more WEB Griffin series you might try--Men at War and Honor Bound. Both set during WWII. The Honor Harrington series is pretty good, and you can get E-Book copies of the first 10 at

Robert B. Parker's Spenser is good, as is MacDonald's Travis McGee.

Maserati said...

Ooooh, how could I have forgotten Glen Cook ? Ignore all the other suggestions and grab a copy of The Black Company.

How's this sound ? A mercenary company investigates and puts down a rebellion, conspires with a foreign wizard to betray their employer, hunts a were-leopard through the palace losing one of the Company's wizards, and after probably murdering their employer escapes from the city, slaughtering the city militia in their barracks (wizards), and takes ship with the foreign wizard to service in the North.

That's chapter one. There are a total of nine books.

Joat said...

Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, has to be the best alien invasion book I have ever read. Fallen Angles by Niven Pournelle and Michael Flynn is also one of my favorites. Pournelle writes from more of a military angle than Niven, I haven't found a book with Pournelle's name on the cover I haven't liked. Island in the Sea of Time by S.M. Stirling is a very good time-travel / alternate history novel the modern island of Nantucket is sent back to 1250 B.C. and the residents have to find a way to survive without the modern infrastructure we all rely on.

Kaerius said...

I'll second John Ringo, I loved the first four books of the posleen war series, haven't read more yet(though from what I hear, it deteriorates once he brings in co-writers.) Think of the series as something like starship troopers, except modernized, less political, and filled with quirky humour.

On the purely SF side of things, two of my favorite current authors are Alastair Reynolds and Ian M. Banks. Neal Stephenson is also worth a read.

And one you absolutely should read is the Black Tower series by Stephen King. Odd fantasy/sci-fi/western series. I think it will appeal to you.

kingmagic said...

I dont know if you can get them over there but try the "Sharpe" books (author Bernhard Cornwell)...stories of a British Rifleman promoted through the ranks during the Peninsular/Napoleonic Wars.
Good old fashioned fighting and scrapping with a brilliant historical backdrop.

Alternatively try Chris Ryan or Andy McNab of "Bravo Two Zero" fame.

Good luck and good reading.