Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sometimes it's hard... side with the police. Take for example the poor treatment given to ColtCCO.

I've said before that I know a lot of cops. I'm related to some, both my family and my wife's. I work with cops all the time. We kid, and play, and call each other names. But I respect what they do. To paraphrase John Wayne: "Being a cop is hard. It's even harder when you don't know the law."

I carry a gun practically everywhere I go. I made that decision a few years ago. My wardrobe is chosen with carrying a gun in mind. In Texas, I must conceal my weapon, no flashing or printing allowed. I have noticed some other folks carrying too. I tend to look for it. I have seen both "good guys" and "bad guys" carrying guns.

Maybe I'm a snob, but I just don't think I have to be worried about a guy or girl who carries a weapon in the $750-$2000 range. I've never seen a street punk carry a gun like that. The punks whose weapons I have seen have been primarily cheap autos, Lorcins and Ravens and the like. Those guns don't even cost as much as the $150 holster used to carry that $1000 gun. That doesn't mean I think good guys only carry expensive guns. Heck, I started out with Kel-Tec p-40. But in general, I have noticed that folks like to improve their carry weapons as they go.

Also, how many street punks and gang bangers do you think carry their weapons while grocery shopping? With family?

So why would a cop hassle a guy like ColtCCO? A guy with an apparently nice weapon, shopping just like a normal person? And then not even know the law about carrying a weapon? It makes it really hard to take up for a cop, any cop, and that's the rub.

See, there are some cops out there that are really great guys. They have gun collections, and like to shoot and carry off duty. They're the kind to see a guy accidentally flash his expensive pistol and quality hand made holster and either look the other way, or even go up and say hi just hoping they can look at a quality weapon. They like armed individuals on the streets. They like the fact that there are people out there who will be responsible for themselves. They know the difference between keeping the peace, and enforcing the law. And more important, they get just as upset as you and I when they hear about cops like this.

The truth is that every job has it's morons. And just like many non-gunners, it seems we have a cop who is afraid of weapons. At least other peoples weapons. What did Freud say about fear of weapons? Where do they find these people? And don't they teach cops the law before they let them out on the street?

It's all pretty depressing.

Mr Fixit

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