Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Long is a Cubit, by the way?

We may need an Ark.

The rains in N. Texas over the last several days have kept us busy. I have lost count on the amount of rain I have had at my home, mainly because the rain gauge filled up and I couldn't wade out to empty it.

Flooding is going on across N. Texas, both local and area wide. Our Emergency Management guy told me yesterday that Texas Task Force 1 had been put on standby for our area.

Grapevine is reported to have at least one community flooded and evacuated. Last night in Garland, a 13 year old drowned in the flood run-off. He and a friend were "playing beside" the water when he fell in. He was washed downstream, and stranded on a bridge post. When firefighters tried to get a rope to him, he lost his hold and was swept away. His body was found early this morning.

The news was full of, and we had other accounts of people being "rescued" after they had driven into water. It's amazing and shameful to me. Every year, every time it rains, people drive into moving water across roads. Many of them are stranded, some in dire predicaments. Call it stupidity, or lack of common sense, or maybe just they didn't know better, but every year people do it. They put themselves at risk, often their family in the vehicle with them at risk, and always the rescuers are at risk when they have to go get them out.

Maybe we don't do enough education on it. Maybe we need a catchy jingle or mascot or something. Anybody remember Louie the Lightning Bug? "Don't mess around when lines are down!" The message was to stay away from downed power lines. Don't see to many people playing with those do ya? Maybe we need something like that to reach the kids, so they will grow up and stay out of moving water. Maybe a few of them would remind their parents not to drive into moving water over roads too.

We've had so much rain, that I can't even get my riding lawnmower on the yard. The ground is soft almost like quicksand. It is totally saturated with water. Usually at this time of year, when I mow I see lots of grasshoppers. I mowed (barely) a few days ago, and would you believe instead of grasshoppers, I am seeing frogs? That's right, frogs everywhere. Of course they are after the eventy-bazillion mosquitoes and assorted other "pests" flying all over the place.

Looks like it may be along Summer. Who would have thought we would be tired of rain and asking for sun at the end of June?

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

I'm hearing so many treefrogs in my back yard at night I think I'm in the Okeefenokee swamp.

I think I'll turn on the bugzapper to give them a little more attractant. Is it wrong for frogs to hunt over a baited field?

I hate to admit it, but some folks just don't get that it's dangerous to get water up to your hubcaps in these monsoons. Incubus #1 hasn't mentioned any water rescues, but he works in one of the rural 'burbs where maybe Bubba is smart enough or drives a tall enough truck to stay out of trouble.

By the way, a cubit is about 18 inches. Myself, I think a jonboat with a bailing bucket or bilge pump and a small outboard would be enough.

Stay dry. Stay safe.


twinsmom said...

Driving in the Dallas metroplex this morning I saw a sign saying something to the effect of if you see water on the road - turn around don't drown.

I couldn't help but laugh and say gee... since it's raining AGAIN I guess that's my excuse to stay home? There's water EVERYWHERE! Ha

At least they're trying to educate.

twinsmom said...

ooooo post script: Along with people not understanding the dangers of swift water flow and flooding... why do people STILL not know to turn on headlights during rain? *sigh*

Jason said...

Grasshoppers? Frogs? Mosquitos? Let me go check Exodus to see what the next plague is going to be.