Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fire alarms are great things. I think everyone should have them. They save lives and property.

However, they are electronic, and electronics go wrong. They start going off when lightning strikes. The Fire Department gets lots of calls for fire alarms during rain and weather.

AD's post about Bob reminded me of this:

We were dispatched to a fire alarm at a Dr.'s Office. We arrive and all is well, they didn't even know it had gone off. The lightning had somehow sent a signal to the alarm company who called us. We actually surprised and I think scared the folks in the office.

After we quickly determined that we weren't needed, we started to leave. The Doctor stopped us, and started handing out "sample packs" of Viagra.

I kid you not. A sample pack of 4 pills. Passed 'em out like candy too. They were given to two healthy 30'ish married men, and one 24 year old single man who looked (and was) in near Olympic condition. Little bastard had about 5% body fat.
Anyway, none of us needed them, and the little bastard didn't even have a use for it (single and shy).

The other married guy takes 'em home and as he said later, "threw them on the desk", where they sat for several days. He told his wife the story and they both thought it was funny.

However, when his teen aged daughter saw them on the desk she was very upset. He was at the desk doing bills, when she walked up to ask for money. She looked down and saw the pack. according to him she was upset because her parents were "doing that". And she begged him to move them somewhere so her friends wouldn't see them.

Later, when she was relating the story to the teen aged son, Dad overheard. When the son looked up and saw Dad, he just smiled.

It's all a matter of perspective.

Mr Fixit

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Rabbit said...

When SWMBO and I first started dating, her Incubii were much, much younger- elementary school aged. One day they caught us innocently hugging, and Incubus 2 popped out a shriek that has become a 'family mantra'...'NO KISSING IN THE KITCHEN!'.

Nowadays, he's just a few months shy of reaching his age of majority, but still very much a mama's boy. When I want to get under his skin, I walk over to SWMBO and give her a lusty, noisy lick on the cheek or somesuch.

It's amazing how fast I can get him to clear out of the kitchen now.

Leaving Little Blue Stiffy Pills laying around would cause him to go into vtach.