Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Front Sight Firearms Training, Free to Bloggers

Hat tip to Chris Byrne over at The AnarchAngel Blog. I found this via Law Dog, but I think I will add him to the list of Worth Reads.

It seems that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is offering a free 4-day training course to bloggers and webmasters who place Front Sight links on their web page/blog. I looked all over Front Sights web page and couldn't find the offer. I e-mailed them and received a replay from the Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, very quickly. It was in fact a valid offer he said. Below is the e-mail he sent in response:

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Attend a Four Day Front Sight Course for Zero, Nada, Zip!
(That means no charge for the course!)
(But you must act quickly!)
(Offer expires June 30!)

Dear Ignatius Piazza,

How would you like to receive a certificate to attend your
choice of a Four Day Defensive Handgun, Four Day Tactical
Shotgun, Four Day Practical Rifle, Four Day Select-Fire
M16, or a Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun course at no charge
and be able to attend the course at any time in the future
that is convenient for you?

This is a $2,000, Four Day Course of your choice at my
Front Sight Las Vegas facility that you can attend at any
time in the future-- at no charge!

Well, I will mail you such a certificate if you will do me
the favor of placing all the following website links on your
personal website, business website or blog.

You can copy the code for the Front Sight links from this


Why am I doing this? Why am I giving you such an
unbelievable opportunity to take a Four Day Firearms
Training Course at Front Sight at no cost?

The answer is very simple:

I'm giving you this opportunity in exchange for you helping
me spread all the great information on Front Sight's
website and all the positive media coverage we have
received for gun owners. By placing the links listed above
on your personal or business website link pages, more
people will see them than ever before and that will help us
positively change the image of gun ownership faster than
ever before.

Plus, I know that once you come out and take a course with
us, you will want to take all our courses, so I am willing
to give you a $2,000 Four Day Course at no cost for helping
me spread Front Sight's message on your websites and at
the same time, build a relationship with you that will
last a lifetime!

This is one of those situations where YOU really can make
a difference in getting our message out because every link
you place on your website is one more link the search
engines pick up when people search gun related topics as
well as spreading our message to those who visit your
website pages.

So please follow these simple directions to place all
the links above on your website or blog:

If you have a web master, you can send him the following
link, and have him add the code to your links page.

If you do not have a web master, you will need to copy
the code from the following link onto your links page and
upload it to your website.


After you have placed our links on your link page, simply
e-mail me a link to the page you have listed our links on
along with your name, address and a personal statement
that you will keep the links on your page for a period of
at least three years.

I will personally review your link page to verify the
links are in place and then mail you a special
certificate, that has no expiration date, to attend the
Four Day Course of your choice. The certificate is also
transferable, so if you cannot use it, you can always
transfer it to someone who can.

Don't have your own personal website, business website
or blog? Well now is the time to get one as I am
essentially financing it for you by giving you a
$2,000 Four Day Course Certificate for placing our
links on your new website! We will also reciprocate
and place your website on our links page.

It is easy to create a website or blog and get it up
and running. Here is what you do to get your own
website or blog operating ASAP:

The first things you need for a website is a domain name
and website hosting. Below are three different places
you can go to buy a domain and hosting. Each of these
hosting companies are fairly inexpensive and easy to use.

To buy a domain, type in a proposed name you would like,
and see if it available. (You may need to try a couple
variations.) When satisfied, follow the instructions to
add it to your cart.

A website also needs hosting (a place for your website
on the internet). You will order hosting from the same
website you get your domain name from.

a. https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/default.asp

b. http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=14363571

c. http://www.tripod.lycos.com/

Each of these hosts will help walk you through starting
your own website.

Please understand this offer is limited and the
opportunity to get a $2,000 Four Day Course Certificate
will expire (the certificate does not expire just the
opportunity to get the certificate) on June 30, 2007 so
don't hesitate in placing our links on your personal or
business website.

And it you don't have a website NOW is the time to create
one while you can get a $2,000 Four Day Course Certificate
from me to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
and I will assist you as I can.

Remember, this offer expires on midnight, June 30, 2007!
Take advantage of this opportunity immediately.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
So, I added the links. If you look on the left side of the blog, below the worthy reads and archived posts, you will see the Front Sight Links. I sent my notice in and got another quick replay that my certificate would be in the mail, and to look for it next week.

It would seem that I will be able to attend a 4-day training course in Nevada at any time in the future. And a few links is all it costs. If anyone else does this, please let me know.

Mr Fixit


armed_and_christian said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm doing it!

Don Gwinn said...

Hmmmm . . . I don't know. That's quite a roll of links! Did you read 'em? They're links to puff pieces about Dr. Piazza and Front Sight. I'm kind of surprised they included all the pieces on the "Front Sight Community" since that seems to have gotten Piazza in some hot water recently.

I don't think I'll do it, but let us know how it comes out. Front Sight has been pretty controversial for awhile, and people either love it or hate it. Some of the Front Sight highlights over the years:

1. Marketing and contracts--they've got these wild contract packages where you pay them tens of thousands up front for the right to take large numbers or unlimited courses. I generally hate restrictive contracts in any martial arts setting--McDojos use these to skin people and keep collecting cash from them long after students have lost interest or become disillusioned. I suppose Front Sight is not really aimed at me; they want wealthy people with fanatical brand loyalty--Doctors who only drive BMW, lawyers who only drive Mercedes.
But then again, they've got so many free course certificates floating around that it's hard to believe they ever get paid.

2. The "Front Sight Community" deal seems to have broken, although I haven't looked at it recently. There was a lawsuit a year or two ago from people who paid for land in the FSC. It seems that Piazza sold them some sort of "provisional" deeds--they don't even own the land that they paid for up front unless the development actually happens the way it's supposed to--and so far, at the time of the filing, nothing had been done to develop the site even though millions had been collected and the projected completion date was already long past.

Piazza even took out a $6 million dollar mortgage on the land the "Platinum Members" have already paid him for . . . and spent the money on promotional videos and materials for Front Sight, NOT on developing the land he promised those people (and has now effectively promised again to a bank unless he pays back the $6 million on time.)

3. Scientology. There have been allegations that Front Sight classes are at least occasionally used to recruit people into the Scientology scam. Piazza denies this, so it's not clear to me whether it's true. That makes it the lowest priority.
However, if you search gun forums for the topic, you'll notice something interesting. There should be zero discussion on Glocktalk, but plenty on TFL and THR. That's because Piazza sent out desist letters warning the owners of gun forums that they had to censor and delete all discussion of Front Sight and Scientology! Eric at Glocktalk is running on a shoestring, so he knuckled under. He didn't like it, but like a lot of Americans, he doesn't trust the courts to get him justice.
TFL (www.thefiringline.com) is owned by Rich Lucibella. Rich has a lot of money and absolutely can't abide being told what to do, so he replied with a letter of his own giving his attorney's address and asking that papers be served promptly.
There was no reply.

I'm not saying not to go to Front Sight and try it out; I'd like to hear your report myself. But I'm not sure I'm comfortable posting a bunch of links to make more money for Piazza, particularly when several of those links are promotions for the Front Sight equivalent of Israel--desert land promised to two peoples.

Mr. Fixit said...

interesting insight. I "thumbed through" the links and saw that they looked like fluff pieces. Honestly, That's what I'd expect in a list of links like that.

My only knowledge of Front Sight is what I have seen in the view mags he has been advertising in. I was unaware of any of the controversy.

I hope no one thinks I am trying to influence them over this.

As for the Scientology...I could care less really. Unless it is an in your face kinda deal, I don't care what anybody believes. I know what I believe, and it ain't changing anytime soon. If they have materials on it available, and willing to talk to those that ask questions about it, I'm OK with that. IF they have "required" lectures about it in the classes, that's another matter.

I don't know when I might be able to go, but I thought it a good idea to take advantage of a limited opportunity. I believe that everybody can teach me something. It may only be what not to do, but I can learn something from everyone. I believe in listening, and seeing how someone else does things, and then applying the things that are right for me. No one has the "all in one" method, or "The Way".

When (if?) I get my "free certificate", I will look further into it and see what else is required. Maybe it's all free, maybe it's a time share deal, you know, get you there for a free class, but you have to take the tour and listen to the high pressure sale. Actually, the more I think about it, that sounds like what it might be. We'll see.

Mr Fixit

Anonymous said...

And this is the perfect example of why Google will ban both Frontsight and your site from their search engine, if they find out about it. It's called "buying links" and they do not like it at all. Artificially trying to increase the position of a site in Google's search engines, by buying links is definitely a no-no.

Don Gwinn said...

I freely admit Scientology is one of my non-negotiable biases. If Scientology is involved, I'm agin' it, period. Wackos and the people who prey on wackos.

But I don't know for sure whether Front Sight has any involvement in Scientology or not. Piazza is obsessed with advertising and media image, so it's possible he did what he did because he feared that the discussion would brand Front Sight as a Scientology front--whether it is or not.

Anonymous said...

I posted the links on a web site and I did get my certificate. As far as going I agree that I am sure I could learn something BUT as far as it being something other than just training, we will have to go an see. Anyone who has gone to any free course I would love to hear about it.