Friday, May 25, 2007

I'll Start Over Now

I have to ask for a do over.

Can I?

I started this "blogging" thing, without really thinking about it too much. Which is not so bad. If I had thought too much, we might not be here.

But here we are. I started just blogging. Whatever I thought about. Whatever was interesting to me. I never had a direction. Not that that has ever stopped me.

I took the advice of AD, and started a list of things to write about. Not so much a list as it is just stuff I think might be interesting. Stories of things I've done or what not.

So, I find myself thinking that I'd like to start at the beginning, kind of. Some of the stories kinda build off another one. So, I'm firing up the way back machine, and blogging from the beginning. At least I'll keep the stories connected within their own era.

It's more for me to keep up with than anything. Hope you don't mind.

There will still be the occasional "current edition" post, depending on what happens.

Thanks for sticking around.

Mr Fixit


armed_and_christian said...

Go for it.

Ambulance Driver said...

Look at it this way - if the posts and events are in no discernible chronological order, it makes it that much harder to identify the players and shields you that much more from HIPAA concerns.