Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaos Theory

Blog Brother AD had an interview on Blog Radio last night. After a school awards banquet, I go home and get set to listen, and call in. I have no good sound on my "new" rebuilt computer, but I have a low quality board installed for the occasion. There is less than an hour until the interview starts.

Of course, the pager for my volunteer department goes off.

"Attention all volunteer firemen, have a report of a major 10-50 (car wreck), 2 cars, one person possibly trapped."


I go, we find 2 cars, one drunk, and nobody trapped. After what happened in nearby Henderson County today, the officers are in no mood to put up with the drunks bullshit. The car is partially blocking the road, so we stick around to help with traffic until the wrecker gets it all sorted out.

After returning to the station, getting everything set, and getting home, the interview is over.

Sorry AD, I wanted to be there. I'm on duty today, so maybe tomorrow I'll listen to the archives. I want to hear Lawdogs too.

Speaking of Henderson County;
I have an unconfirmed report that my Brother-in-law was the first on the scene after the shooting. He works in a nearby small town PD. I do not know the particulars, and the information I have is at best second hand, but this is what I was told. The first Officer to arrive was met by a man (the murderer) with a handgun. The officer took cover and called for backup. Shortly, two HSO Deputies arrived and somehow were walking in the yard when the murderer came out of the house with a rifle. The two deputies were shot in the yard. The first arriving officer returned fire on the murderer hitting him and was shot in the leg.

Again, I can not confirm this, and reaffirm that this is second hand information. I pray for the families in this terrible time.

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Matt G said...

If that is indeed the case, then the first arriving deputy did well... just not quite in time, dang it.

The news story is still too sparse on info form conclusions, but Mays is owed a trip to Death Row.