Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Busy Little Man

Buddy and I were hired together. I consider him a friend. He is originally form North Carolina and has an accent.

He's in Texas now, so we use local standards. We don't have accents. Everyone else does.

Buddy lost a wife in NC before he came to Texas. He just lost her. Don't know where she went to, she just up a left one day. He put ads in the paper to try to find her, so he could get a divorce. Finally, he was granted a divorce even though she hasn't shown up.

Buddy is every bit of five feet tall if he is an inch. Maybe five-three. We joke with him that the previous chief hired him so he would have someone shorter than he was.

Buddy is married to a dragon lady. Not really, but kinda. She is nice enough, but things are going to go her way damn it! She pretty much rules the roost around their house. Buddy likes working, because he is away from home.

Dragon Lady was the type to show up at the station and just kinda take over, from everybody. She would make herself at home, and go over the the television and turn the channels to what she wanted, or turn it on to keep the kids occupied. When we saw her coming, we scrambled, even Buddy did.

At the station we were at together, we had two phone lines. One was the 'main' number, and the other was the Buddy line. We never tried to answer it, it would be his wife every time. She called to complain, or gripe at buddy, or whatever. She was always telling him what to do.

Buddy is normally easy going, and quiet. That is until he has to talk to his wife.

We worked a shift, and the next morning get up and sit around drinking coffee waiting for our relief to show up. A few of them are there, but not many since it's early. Buddy is asleep still. He didn't get up at his regular time.

The Buddy-line rings. No one makes a move to answer it. It keeps ringing, so the new guy goes to answer it. He hasn't worked around Buddy before, and doesn't know the Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady is pissed because Buddy didn't answer the phone. She cusses the new guy and he goes and gets Buddy. Buddy is pissed because he wasn't up, and because now his wife knows it.
He takes his ass chewing on the phone and then walks out into the day room where we all are.

He pulls himself up to his full five foot height, and bellows "Who answered the fucking phone?"

We start snickering. Someone asked whats wrong?
"Somebody put the box fan beside my bed last night and I couldn't sleep!"

The driver coming on duty said "Looks like you were sleeping pretty good to me."

"Shut up! Who moved the damn fan?"

I answered "I think the Captain did." I thought that he would calm down if he heard the captain had done it. I had no idea who had, just trying to calm him down. The captain looked at me like I had shot his dog.

"The fucking fan is so loud, I never could get to sleep!"

The driver said "If you never went to sleep, why didn't you get your own phone?"

Oh boy that did it. He got red, all five feet of him started to shake. He pointed his finger and cussed us all. He started with the driver and MF'd us all around. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Finally someone asked him why he needed to get up anyway?

"'Cause I got shit to do!!!!"

He stomped out as we all fell out laughing.

Mr Fixit

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DW said...

Was he from Burke county?