Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You'll Be Okay

Had the required family get together Easter Sunday. My wives family actually. We all converged on her mother and fathers' house. I had smoked brisket and chicken. The other family brought baked beans, potato salad, and so many other great dishes. It was good food.

After dinner, the kids were playing outside. I was in the back room looking at some of my father-in-laws guns, and trying to get his computer restored. One of the ladies came rushing in and told me that I needed to get to the kitchen because my middle son was hurt.

Like a good dad, I rushed in to find the 11 year old standing holding a bloody rag on his head, as my wife and her mother looked at it. I calmly walked up. I could tell this was not too bad. He was breathing, he was able to stand, the blood was not overpowering the towel he was holding on the wound. In my professional opinion, after a quick 2 second look, he would live.

Now the room was chaos. Great aunts holding their mouths. Men folk stomping around yelling "what happened?" at the kids. Kids crying. Everyone all a flutter of excitement, except me, my wife, and her mother.

I have to admit, I really like my mother-in-law. I met her before I met my wife. She was an ER nurse. Later to become nursing director. We met in the ER when I was working for the local Ambulance service and had a lady puke on me in the ER. I had brought the female in on the ambulance, and she had to spew. Before I could get the trashcan in the room to her, the patient let loose and hit me right in the chest. I did the best I could. She told me later, when her daughter introduced us, she was very impressed that I didn't curse or say anything mean to the lady.
My mother-in-law has seen some things. If course I have seen one or two cuts before myself. My wife is also a nurse. Although she has never been an ER nurse, she works on a pediatric unit giving Chemotherapy to kids. She treats kids post op who have had re-constructive surgery. She too has seen some kids in dire straits. So there the three of us stand, in a sea of hyper excited family.

It seems that the kids were "chunkin' rocks" at each other. One connected. Just in the hair line above his right eye.

We three look and see that the puncture is not even big enough for more than one stitch, if that. It's in the hair line so it won't show. We tell him to just hold the towel on it and he'll be fine.
"Are you going to take him to the ER?" asks one of the ladies.

Nah, he'll be fine I answer.
"But he's bleeding."
Yeah, heads do that Mother-in-law says.
"But doesn't he need to see a Dr.? What if he passes out?"
Then we'll take him in says my wife.

We are a cold and heartless bunch.
It really takes a serious injury to get much sympathy around my house. Minor cuts and scrapes, like a lot of folks call the ambulance for just don't do it for us. There better be an appendage hanging off, bone protruding through skin, blood flowing in spurts if you want our attention.

The ladies were still worried and talking about it an hour after it happened. Of course, 15 minutes after it happened my son was outside climbing trees and going to the pond to throw more rocks.

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

Yep, that's the reason we keep a suture kit or ten at the house.

As long as it's not a compound fracture or innards being outards, everybody's ok.


BobG said...

Hell, if I had gotten hauled to the ER every time I dumped blood, I would have never had time to see the outside world. When I was a kid you got cut, scraped, bruised, or stung at least two or three times a day, if you went outside at all.

Eric said...

When my oldest was but a toddler, we were at a restaurant with his mom and her mom. He was sucking on ice cubes, and sure enough, one got stuck. He was choking. Mom & gramma got a little excited and jumped up. I was moving, too, but much slower. I made the comment that we had 4 minutes before brain damage set it, and that the ice would melt before then. Gramma didn't think that was very appropriate, or even remotely funny. Of course, it did melt and all was good. I was telling that story to another Paramedic friend of mine, and he said that the very same thing happened to him, and he said the very same thing, and got the very same reaction from his mother-in-law!