Monday, April 16, 2007

Over 30 Dead

Virginia Tech Shooting-

As of the last report I saw, there are over 30 dead. People, students, kids killed because....I don't know why.

I can not begin to describe how this upsets me. I will leave the arguments of what might have happened if someone had access to a gun to defend themselves to others. I will also leave alone for now the hollow cries that more gun control could help.

What I will say about this is more of a prediction. I think you will see the ghouls and vulchers circling soon, perhaps by tomorrow. I believe we will see people who are far removed from this, try to grab it and use it as there own. Those who want control will try to tell us that more control is needed. What they want is really people control. That never works.

Its disgusts me to see the scavengers use the dead bodies as food for their arguments. Feeding off disaster and death like parasites. Unable to convince people of the logic in their arguments, because there is none, they sink to the depths of depravity. They show the scenes of death and violence and try to sway people with emotion. Who has ever made the best decisions based only on emotion and ignoring logic?

It will sicken me more than normal to watch the feeding on the news to come.

As an aside;

I have three sons. I have tried to teach them to handle arguments nicely. I have told them many many times that there are ways to handle people who are giving you problems. Ways that are not fighting. Talking, trying to understand.
I have always followed that message with this one: If you must, and you feel there is no other way out, if you feel that you have to fight to defend yourself, you must understand that there will be consequences. If after all that you still feel the need to physically defend yourself, do it! And don't stop with just one punch. Punch, hit, grab, squeeze, kick, pull, pinch. Whatever it takes, whatever you can until the threat is gone, on the ground and unable to fight back.

I think I will have to talk more with them about being a weapon, and using tools to defend themselves.

My prayers are with the victims, their family and friends.

Mr Fixit

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Brandon said...

Unfortunately vultures from both sides were starting to circle early Tuesday afternoon. It's incredibly sad to me that the students had only been dead for a couple of hours before people started using them to score political points, what happened to common decency?