Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More Fun with The Cops, and Other Practical Jokes

Firemen have various hobbies, just like everyone else. Several of our guys like to fish. Sometimes they even bring their gear to work, so they can get out earlier to go fishing the next day. One day, a couple of the guys are getting ready to go fishing the next day. It's early spring, and they see a grass snake.

The snake is killed, and one of the guys thinks how funny it would be to play a little joke. So, they tie some fishing line around the dead snake, and hide it in the bushes next to the sidewalk. They take the end of the line around the corner of the building. Everyone on duty knows what's happening, the joke is set for the guys coming from city hall.....or police.

It just so happens that a police officer is the first to show up. He parks his cruiser, and walks up the sidewalk. Just as he gets to the building, the snake "crawls" out at him.

Dirty words are said as he jumps several feet straight up, drawing his gun on the way up, and assuming a fine weaver stance on the way down. His speed was amazing. He realizes what has happened as he sees the fishing line over his sights. He looks around to see who is watching. He re-holsters his weapon, and walks inside.

Inside the station in the day room is the entire crew, minus the two "fishermen". He walks into the station, and stands with his hand on his gun directly across the room from the door to the apparatus room, breathing heavily, and staring at the door.

When the crew asks what's happening (and knowing) he replies quite seriously "I'm gonna shoot the next sonofabitch fireman that walks through that door."

Luckily, the guys were smart enough to hide until he left.

In other news....

The rookie firemen are the ones who get stuck doing most of the cleaning duty. It sucks, it ain't exactly right, but it's the way it is. The guys will pitch a fit with every little thing they can find to play with the rookie. One of the guys "thing" was to make a big deal out of cleaning the pots and pans.

One particular rookie would stick the pots an pans into the dishwasher, rather than do them by hand. The older guy kept getting onto him about it, said it didn't do as good a job on the pans. Rookie kept putting them in the dishwasher.
One day, the older guy took a cookie sheet and covered the bottom with dish soap, like you use in the sink, not the dishwasher. He then baked it in the oven until it was hard on the pan. When the rookie came in, he put the pan in the dishwasher. The "old guy" kept telling him, you need to do that by hand. He did it anyway. Closed the door and walked away.

About half-way into the cycle, he walked back in to the kitchen to find about 2 feet of suds in the floor. It finally took a fire hose and squeegee to get it all out.

Good times

Mr Fixit

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Ambulance Driver said...

Heh heh heh. Like that last one on the rookie firefighter. ;)