Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And One More

I have no excuse. Why I have not added this guy before now, I don't know.

Strings, sorry. Should have had you here sooner.

Strings is a biker. He's a member of the Bikers Against Child Abuse.

What's not to like?

Check out his blog Pirate with a Permission Slip.

And he's man enough to wear a kilt.


Strings said...

Thanks bro... it means a LOT to me whenever one of my daily reads mentions me as someone worth reading!

So when are we puttin' you on a scoot and gettin' ya patched? ;)

Ambulance Driver said...

You know why Scotsmen wear kilts, right?

Because sheep can hear a zipper at a hundred paces.

Strings said...

Just remember why we call it a kilt, lad: cause we already kilt most of the SOBs who call it a skirt! :P

Mr. Fixit said...

On a scoot and getting patched?

I could see that happening.