Friday, March 9, 2007

You Do What?

I'm still trying to get my thoughts together. This has been a long week. I have divisions, groups, and sectors running through my head. I keep thinking in strategic goals and tactical decisions.

I'm going to take a few days before I post about any fire department stuff.

For now though, let me tell you about a conversation I had a while back.

More than a year ago, my middle son was playing soccer in the local YMCA league. It was the end of the season, and his team had entered into a tournament on Saturday. Plans were made for the players to assemble with parents at a certain part of the park. We would erect a canopy for shade.

Well, we arrived that Saturday morning, the erection of the "tent" for shade was completed. Chairs were arranged, snack tables were set up. All was ready. Now, we only had to wait.

I was standing near the sideline of the field my sons' team was practicing on. A mother walked up and stood near me. She was about my age, and not unattractive. She made a comment about the weather. I commented that I should have brought a book to read. She asked if I liked to read a lot, I replied yes. We talked about reading and books for a few minutes.

Somehow, (the details surrounding the event are a bit fuzzy) she mentioned in passing that she was a writer.

At this point I should point out that I believe that comment just slipped out on her part. I think she was talking as much to herself as she was to me.

I perked up as I am always looking for another good author. As I was standing just beside her, I turned and asked "What do you write?"

She turned and looked at me, and a bit embarrassed said:

She looked back out on the field. I stared at a tree on the other side of the park.
Talk about speechless. I was also thoughtless. I couldn't even get my mind to form words.

My brain was screaming "say something!"
All I could form was to say "Waa, hmm, ahhh"

What do you say after that?

You really can't even close a conversation after that.

After about thirty seconds, we both just turned and walked away from each other. The rest of the day we somehow avoided eye contact.

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

Stumbled into that one, huh?

I have a long-time friend who asked me to keep some boxes for her during a 'transitional period' in her life a few years ago. 4 large banker's boxes. I sealed them with shipping tape in her presence as I knew the contents were her notebooks and of a delicate nature. I stored them in a corner of my garage for about a year or so.

One day while reorganizing the garage I had to move the boxes. Tape, being fallable in dust and heat, let loose and one of the boxes' contents let loose.

Oh my.

I'm just glad that box didn't have the notebook from when she and I were an item.


LawDog said...


I'll bet the research for that sort of thing is never boring.

Mr. Fixit said...

You have to know I wanted to ask, but I just couldn't form intelligent sounds.