Saturday, March 31, 2007

So, Tell Me.....

I assume that almost everyone reading here has a computer. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a home unit and a portable, lap top type.

Since I will be looking at a new one, I wonder about going with a laptop this time.

What say you?


Sarge said...

Well, Mr. Fixit,

The laptop will allow you to post from anywhere that you can find a wireless access point, your local purveyor of over-priced, caffeinated beverages for example, and if you get your own, you can sit on the front porch and blog from there as well. Sorry to hear about the equipment. Good luck

Ambulance Driver said...

Laptop all the way. You can get all the computing power of your desktop, plus it's portable.

Costs more to fix, though. Get a decent warranty.

otim said...

Get a good laptop (nice Hp's are selling for less than $700). then buy a big LCD monitor to use at home. Modern laptops are very powerfull machines, someone who does not play the latest video games will not be able to tell the difference in performance between it and a high end workstation. If you can only afford one good machine go with the laptop. The big monitor and a $30 good keyboard will make it as useful as any workstation and you can take it with you.

Brandon said...

I'd go with a laptop. I'm really starting to regret not getting one when I bought a new computer two years ago. Just make sure that you get a good warranty.

BobG said...

Most people seem to prefer laptops; personally, though I wouldn't mind having a laptop in addition to my current system, I prefer desktop models, since I like a large screen, and I prefer building my own computers. You might like a laptop, though, from what I can tell by reading your blog.

Billy Sparks said...

I have both. The desktop with the attached large hard drive is the photo editing, IPod syncing station and the laptop is for use more when I teach. Which reminds me I REALLY need to get to work on that Trench Rescue presentation.

Ted Martin said...

IMHO, billy sparks is right; have one of each. I use the desktop machine for power apps like movie editing and gaming. The lt is for everything else. I just can't stand being tethered to a desk, now that I've experienced a laptop.

For me it was a bit like upgrading to a cell phone with a color screen (years ago), and getting a DVR. I couldn't understand why these things were important until I had them. It would be very hard to go back. Laptops are the same.

It's a good thing to buy the most power you can afford. It's expensive and sometimes impossible to add things to a laptop later.

Here's my $.02 on brands: almost all of them are extremely good now. I'd avoid Lenovo, which is Chinese (they bought IBM's lt division) and Sony Vaio. Sony is good, but not enough so to justify the cost.

If price is no option, get a good Mac or a Vaio.

My Compaq Presario is a gem. For two years I've bashed the hell out of it in my car -- eight hours per day, with no trouble. It runs a little hot, but it causes no problems.

Best of luck.

Rabbit said...

Oh, now, the Lenovos are good; they're just not 'bleeding edge'(I'm a Company man). The T series ones are nice. The R series is a little less frilly.

Myself, I really like the Fujitsu laptops with the nice displays. Fry's always has them. I'd check there or Micro Center.