Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Done!

The test is over. For those new here, I have been trying to study for a promotional test for quite a while now. We had eight books on the test as study sources. Most of them, if not all, would be a semester in college in a Fire Science Degree program. A couple of them I had as a semester in college, although they were earlier editions. So, it was basically an eight semester test.

It was not a comprehensive test though. It was only one-hundred questions. But those questions could come from anywhere in any of the resources. The worst part was that nobody knew what they would be from. We only knew that there would be questions from each source. So, we had to study the entire source just in case.

But, now it is over and I feel much better.

I don't take test well. I'm not sure why. I get anxious, tense and worried. I often over-analyze the questions. I second guess myself. In short, I guess I get test anxiety. What made it worse this time was I really wanted to do well. I wanted to be 'on the list' to be promoted. I knew, like everyone else, that there was an almost 100% chance there will be four promotions at a minimum made from this test. So it was really starting to get to me.

I know they make anxiety meds. I'm really not into that. I didn't want to even consider it. Really don't even qualify. But I really wanted to find some way of just taking the edge off before the test. I sat the other night studying, drinking a Grolsch beer (tip of the hat to Matt G.), wondering "what could I do?".

So, did I sit in my vehicle and drank a couple of premium Dutch Lagers before I walked into the test?
Well I wouldn't say I did, and I wouldn't say I didn't, but I will say this; anybody who isn't willing to do what it takes to improve their chances doesn't want it bad enough.


But the best part is it's over. All the time I have spent not being with my wife and kids so I could 'study' is past. Not being available to help around the house is over. Not getting out and working on the yard is done. I am back as part of the world. My self-imposed solitary confinement is over.

The sun shines bright. It feels good to be alive again.

Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

Glad to have you back!

Shinerbocker said...

Missed you! Let us know how the results, won't you? We'll certainly join you in tipping a bottle when you're promoted. Pretty obvious what I'll be toasting and celebrating with...

Best regards,

BobG said...

Glad to hear you survived; hope you did well.