Saturday, March 31, 2007

Damage Control

A bright flash of light was all I saw. Almost instantly the concussion hit me along with the thunder.


The wave of storms that swept across North Texas in the last couple of days did the damage. It had been raining for a while, when all of a sudden the wind gusted and the rain came down harder. I went to the front door to check it out. Being as it was about sundown, and my front door has beveled glass in it, I opened it and stepped outside to better see what was happening. That's when it happened.

The lightning hit my neighbors barn, less than 100 yards(just over 100 meters for my non-US readers) away from where I stood. I happened to be looking in that direction at the time.

It scared me.

It really scared me.

I may have stained my underwear.

(just a little stain mind you)

I'm fine thanks for asking. But, my computer is not. To paraphrase Monty Python; "This computer is no more!"

Yes I had the computer powered off during the storm. Apparently though, my phone/DSL line is able to transmit enough of a surge to fry the computer. I am blogging via work today. It will be a few days until I am back in the home computer business. I will update the blog from work or neighbors or wherever I can find a connection.

Stay tuned.

Mr Fixit

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BobG said...

Too bad about the system; it could have been worse, however. Sometimes people have had fires from lightning cooking a computer. I talked to a person once, years ago, who was talking on the phone during a storm, and had lightning hit a nearby pole. It came down through the phone and fried his phone, and gave him a burn on the side of his face.